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Brooklyn, Bryon, Kelsi Discussion Page


  1. Hi, Im Brooklynn. I am sixteen years old and I'm in grade 11. My interests are soccer, snow boarding and fashion.

  2. Hi I'm Bryon. I'm 15 years old and in tenth grade. I like working, driving, and fixing things. I own many things and sometimes think I own to much. i really dislike school but I have to put up with it till I'm 18.

  3. Hello, im kelsi. Im 15 and in 10th grade. I love music, and like to hang at the mall with my friends.

  4. I'm not a big fan of school either but i dont mind it. Do you play any sports or do any activities?

  5. hi kelsi. I love to hang out and shop at the mall too but i live on a farm so i barely get to do that.

  6. I don't do any sports because I have to work all the time. I am always buying things so I'm always in debt. So I always need money.

  7. I live on a farm to and thats really why I can't do any sports cause I'm always busy.

  8. Oh ya. So in the book I think Maycomb sounds a small friendly town. I think Boo Radley might turn out to be a nice person and Jem and Scout won't be so scared of him. To be an outisder means to not fit in and not be involved. Boo Radley is an outsider in the story because he never goes outside and he is different from everyone else. People from Maycomb seem to be really scared of Boo. Some people are outsiders because they dont get out and associate with anyone or they act differently from other people.

  9. I think maycomb seems like a nice little place to live. I think that Boo Radley might become another main character since most of the story so far is finding more about him. Boo seems like he would be someone who you could call odd. Outsiders might be people who dont fit in to the normal crowd of people. They might have different ideas than most.

  10. I think the children are so consumed because they don't know that much about Boo Radley and they want to know more. They hear all these rumors about him and they dont know if they are true so they just go with what they know. No i dont know of any myths or legends in my area. I learned that Boo is alive in the Radley house and not dead.

  11. I think that everyone is consumed about Boo because of all the crazy rumors that they hear about him. And when they hear so much they just finaly want the truth so they go to some insane measures to find out. As far as the urban myths go there are a couple. Like about three blocks waya from my house there is a mental hospital. Many people say that if you go by there at like midnight or so yo will see the mental pationts roaming around the woods do crazy rituals and stuff. Then in the story I learned that Boo Radle is alive and was never really crazy. But Miss Maudie says that he probably is now because of being locked in that house all the time now.

  12. They must be consumed with Boo because hes a mystery, and people must want to find more about Boo and see if all these tales are true. I've learned that Boo seems to be a very tall man and drools alot. Harper Lee probably thinks that in the small towns back in the day that education wasnt much of an issue. I think now education is a big thing if you want to be successful in the future.

  13. Everyone always says that education is the way to go but I'm going to prove the point that you don't because as soon as I can I'm droping out of school and going to work full time. I know that I can make a living working in a labor job rather than pushing pencils in an office. I just don't understand i guess why people go to college and put the selves into such big debt.

  14. Bryon,
    Good comment on the disconnect between education and the work force. Scout's teacher
    has difficulty with a child who can already read, but just as much difficulty with a child who won't be going to school (the Ewell child).
    We need both people in the trades and those that are university educated, but no matter what one's vocation, it is important to be knowledgable. This doesn't have to come from formal education, but it does prepare us to become questioning, thinking people.

  15. Hey Guys! my name is Brittnee and i evaluated your focus 1 entry. I think it is very well done and each member has a good understanding of the characters. However I think if you guys made more connections text to self it would make it that much more and help out with getting 90%-100% instead of the 70%-80%.

  16. Hello Bryon, Brooklynn, and Kelsi. My name is Sarah M. I'm in another English class at Central. I'm 15 years old and a sophomore. I'm really involved with showchoir and I play the piano.

    I think that the kids are interested in Boo Radley simply because they're children. They're curious and imaginative. They grow up hearing outlandish rumors about him and they find it fascinating in the most morbid way. They probably thought it would be cool to be one of the few people who actually got to see Boo Radley or communicate with him, so that's probably why they push so hard to do so.

  17. It seems as if Lee wanted people to know that she remembers her childhood very well and that she didn't live a boring life. I think the book so far is ok. I've read it in 8th grade, but didn't really get it. Now second time, I understand a little more. The chapters so far sound like Jem and Scout's live is getting a lot more interesting.

  18. Hi, guys. Yes, things are definitely getting more interesting in Jem and Scout's lives right now and it will keep going that way as the trial begins! You kids need to get going with a decision about Activity 3 in Focus 4 and some discussion around who you think the foil is and why. I am interested to see who or what you choose and why!

  19. Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while I was sick the past week. I'll just answer focus 3 and 4 in one post.

    Focus 3: The novel would be different because Boo would probably say things about Scout and Jem instead of the other way around. Boo would also probably talk differently and say things differently because he hasn't seen the world and hasn't been out of the house. Atticus is trying to explain that you don't know what a person has been through till you've been through it. The point of view is how a person see's it.

    Focus 4: The two characters I would choose are Calpurnia and Boo. What characters would you guys want to do?

    Extend: I think aunt Alexandra is the antagonist. Aunt Alexandra is always trying to get Scout to act more like a lady. She is also trying to get Atticus to discipline Jem because she thinks that he raising them the wrong way. Jem tells Scout that she needs to grow up and start acting like a girl and callsm her a priss.

  20. Focus 5
    Jem’s coming of age
    - Becomes more independent
    - Starts reading the newspaper
    - Spends more time by himself
    - Protects his family
    - Has a larger appetite
    - Tells Atticus what to do
    - Moody
    My coming of age
    When you grow up you tend to change lots. Most of the things are what Jem went through. You grow and change your interest to things more appropriate for your age.

  21. Jem's Journal

    Dear Journal
    Mr. Heck Tate and some other men came to speak with Atticus about the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus feels there is nothing to fear in there visit because they are friends and neighbours. The men were upset. I'm not sure if Atticus should be so easy going with them. They are stronger in numbers. Atticus said it wasn't a gang. I think it was and I'm scared for Atticus

  22. I think the book symbolizes innocence. It is a sin to kill a mockingbird and it is a sin to kill innocence. Also the kids in the book are innocent. Scout's name symbolizes curiousity and adventure. She will do anything boys will do. She likes to follow Jem and Dill. I think she is a very strong character. I think Jem's name symbolizes a great person. He takes care of his sister.
    A individual in society means to be who you are and not care what other people are like. The do things on there own and make there own decisions.
    Atticus doesn't seem very masculine to me. He likes to sit down and read the newspaper or a book. He never does any hard work. To me someone that is masculine would be doing labour work.

  23. Focus 3
    In the novel the point would be difdferent because if an adult said it it would sound like some far fetched story of child play.
    When scout says it as a kid it sounds like a fun goofy time when it is just kids being kids.

  24. Focus Four
    In the novel I believe that Aunt Alexandra is the antagonist. She is always yelling at Scout for Being Scout. Scout is a tomboy that likes to get dirty and have fun. But Aunt Alexandra thinks that a girl shoud act like a lady and be proper. But Scout thinks that Aunt Alexandra is way old fashion and she will act the way she wants to.

  25. To be an individual in a sociey means be a little different with who you are, rather than be same as everyone else. Atticus does kind of show the steriotypical masculinity since he is protective of his children and is brave for defending someone other people wouldnt defend.

  26. Focus 7
    In my opinion Jem is the one that is changing the most. He is going through the point in life were he doesn't know wether to play childish games or act like and adult. He prefers to act like he can boss people around and do more mature things. When Dill shows up and Jem tells on him that is a mature thing to do because he doesn't know if his mom is worried about him or anything like that. Then I think that Atticus is changing. In the begging he was all quite and to himself but now once the trial got started he started talking more and being more active with the town.

  27. Focus 8
    All the witnesses i remember were Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell, and the officer who watched over Tom at night. Mayella pretty much freaked out, thinking that Atticus was mocking her and then all of a sudden thinks hes scary. Bob Ewell, we found out was left handed which helped the case out well.

  28. Jems coming of age.

    - Becomes more independent and just want to be left alone.
    - Thinks that Scout needs to grow up and quit acting like a kid.
    - He doesn't like to be told what to do and puts up a fight when he doesn't agree with someone.
    - Tries to boss people around cause he thinks that he is all high and mighty.
    - He tries to be part of more adult conversations with Atticus.
    - Starts to enjoy to read the paper.
    - He tries to eat more and do more manly things.
    In some way Jems coming of age was like mine I hated to get told what to do and would always be in trouble. Then I started hanging around with my brother and his friends and picked up a couple of bad habits. I also though I was high and mighty and didn't think I needed anyone and when someone would piss me off I had a truck and stuff so I would take off and be gone for awhile doing really stupid things that I can't believe I did. Also when I got older the relationship between me and my dad grew thin and me and him live in the same house but have quit talking to each other.

  29. Final Post Focus 8
    In the trial Atticus four witnesses were Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewell, Heck Tate, and tom Robinson.
    Bob thought that he had his story straight but when Atticus had him write on the piece of paper to prove that he was left handed and that the wounds that Mayella had could only be caused by a left handed person.
    Then when Miss Mayella got on the stand she was worried because of how her father had just been tricked she was figuring that she would be to. So she put on that little crying act to try and get sympathy from the jury.
    Tom just acted like himself and explained his side of the story without acting funny through any of it.
    Heck Tate when he got on the stand he was very calm. But from the begging he made it quite obvious that Bob was the one that beat his daughter because he is left handed and Toms left arm was destroyed.

  30. Focus 8

    The major turning points in the novel are:
    - When Scout started school
    - When Scout stepped in when the mob came and met up wit Atticus because this changed the men in the mobs mind about Taking action towards Atticus.
    - When Aunt Alexandra moved in with Jem, Scout, and Atticus. If she hadn’t of moved in Scout might be even more unlady like and Jem and Scout would be able to do more things. For example they would be able to hang out with Walter.
    - Another turning point would be Jem growing up and becoming mature, because now that Jem is maturing he doesn’t want to be with Scout any more like he used to.
    - Another turning point would be Dill Coming to Maycomb for the summer and coming to live with Jem, Scout and Atticus for the summer. If he wouldn’t of come some of the events in the story would not have happened.

    I think the biggest turning point in the novel would be when the word got out that Atticus was representing Tom Robison in court. This would be the biggest turning point beacause if Atticus didn’t representing Tom in the trial, the trial would have never happened and neither would have certain events that occurred in the novel. For example the mob coming to meet with Atticus would have never happened.

  31. Focus 9
    Social injustice is still relevant today, people are made fun of because of how much money they don't have or sometimes how much they do have. Not only would it be in my community it also is pretty much everywhere else. I don't think i've really ever seen hypocrisy so bad were it would hurt someone feelings badly. But i've seen people be nice once and turn their back and say bad things about them.

  32. Hi I'm Rachel Green. :]

    Focus 10 Expand

    I think Tom Robinson was the most heroic character. Boo did something most would think is heroic [saving Jem] but I think Tom taking his trial like a man, helping Mayella, and being thankful to Atticus even though he lost is even more heroic. He helped progess the common white man's thoughts about blacks. He is my hero from the book. :]

  33. Final post focus 9
    Social injustice still occurs today not only with African Americans but also Mexican Americans. In the society that we live in no one wants to take responabilty for their own actions so they blame it on the minority. In the town I live in called Trevor it is a big redneck town that we cause trouble in. Most of the people that live their are white and when the Black guy moved in most people called him a nigger and he was known as a child rapist so no one would communicate with him and if he went to a gas station people would walk out and the say things behind his back. He only lived in Trevor for a few months until he decided to move somewhere else. It is kind of sad how a certain race of people get picked on just because of the way they talk or the color of their skin. In the Time period that this book took place in almost everybody was racist. Atticus really stuck his neck out to defend Tom and the only thing he heard from other white folks was that he was a nigger lover. To me that just isn't fair because he saw Tom a person by not the color of his skin but by the goodness of his heart. I just don't think that people should hate one another for the Color of their skin.

  34. There is still social injustice in our world. It goes from rich to poor, black to white, smart to dumb or religions. In the province I live there are native people who struggle with social injustice. A lot of native people are poor and have addictions. They have to fight for equality.

  35. focus 10
    I think that the most heroic character in the story would be Atticus, since he defended Tom Robinson in all. Plus, he would be like a hero to Jem and Scout too, since hes such a good father and treats them well. He also didn't defend Tom because he had to, its because he thought it was the right thing to do, and he wanted to help Tom.

  36. I agree, I think the most heroic character in the story would be atticus. I think this because he doesn't judge people and because he defended Tom Robinson. He treats everyone equal.


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