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Katrina, Garrett and Melissa Discussion Page


  1. Hi. My name is Melissa Daniels. I am a 10th grader at Westosha Central. That is in Kenosha, Wisconsin(between Milwaukee and Chicago). I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I like to run and play basketball. I live with my parents, and I have a little brother, an older sister, and a yellow lab.

  2. *Hey what's going on down there in the States? Canada is getting cold :| Haha. Well I'm Katrina Currie. I'm sixteen and in grade 11, which I think you already know. I am usually very busy, I work at the Co-op here in
    Delisle <- thats a small town in Saskatchewan...When I am not working I am 'getting active' Haha. I am either doing volleyball or soccer and soon to be starting basketball. Aside from sports, I am also very involved in my school. I am co-vice president with my best friend (<-very excited about that), apart of the AYL, SRC and the Pep Rally committee.
    I can't say I am absolutely in love Language Arts, but I am pretty excited to talk about this novel with you guys from the States...


  3. Hey my name is garrett its still nice in Wisconsin but i cant wait for it to be cold cuz i like the cold weather. I am really tall and i build houses in the summer for a job. I love to go fishing and hunting so u can pribably asume that i love canada because its so cool I run Cross country and im really good at it I can run 5 kilomitters( 3 miles) i think thats how you spell it but any ways i can run that far in 19:00 minets and thats really fast hahaha. In the winter tim i dont do any sports cuz thats when i go hunting and fishing lol. i love it how you say from the states its funny. oh yeah and i almost forgot im a 10th greater and im 15 years old but i dont look like it i look like im 18. Ohh yeah and i have two girls to blog too including you. lol my class is funny yup ohh yeah and im singal for once its weird having no girl friend soo yeah thats me.

  4. Hey! My name's Marilyn.
    I am also from Wisconsin and I go to school with both Garrett and Melissa. I run Cross Country and Track and I just like hanging out with friends and listening to music in my spare time. I enjoy riding horses whenever i get the chance and I love driving and admiring expensive european cars.

    Katrina, what exactly is a CO-OP? I think we might use it differently than you.

  5. Haha I thought someone would ask that! A Co-op is like a convenience store where you can buy gas (which we do for you! AKA. we serve), groceries, snacks and such. The Co-op is different from other convenience stores because we give money back to our members. When someone buys a membership the receive equity on whatever they buy. So the more they buy from us the more money they will receive at the end of the year. Someone would probably receive $400 or so depending. It's an extremely easy job! Haha I love it.
    Canada got pretty cold last year!! When its -40 (Celsius) our busses don't run. So we don't have to go to school! Sometimes they don't run when the roads are slippery too. So in the winter we will likely miss 7-8 days of school because of the cold weather. Actually just two weeks ago, we played a soccer game in snow and freezing rain! The field was covered in snow. Do you guys have snow yet?! It has come and gone about 4 times already here!
    So have you guys been up to Canada?! I've been to the 'states' ( haha I said it Garrett). I went to Hawaii in grade 8 and I just went to Las Vegas last December... It's weird being somewhere different, but so awesome at the same time! I find you guys have alot more attractions down in the States. I always wonder why people come up to Canada haha. I see alot of hunters come up! Garrett you should come shoot some animals! Lol. It's weird, my best friends just drive around looking for places to hunt (its competitive), do you do that?!
    Ohh, I'm going to Europe in April ! :] Our travel club group is going to Italy, Portugal, Spain, and some of France!! Do you guys have a travel club group where you fundraise to go on an overseas trip?!


  6. Chapter 1-3

    From what I read so far, this novel goes into great description about the characters, and Maycomb's views. Maycomb County is very similar to communities where we live in today. We all have our issues and we see people who are different than we are; which makes them inferior to us.
    In our society (in Canada) the inferior population are the aboriginals. It is extremely sad to think that descrimination towards the natives have gone on for more than a hundred years. However, in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' the inferior race are the blacks. Could it be because the whites were not used to having or seeing the blacks in their community? And did the whites see them as intruders? Why were they so different?
    In the novel basically all of Maycomb County disowned the Radleys because of their history and their anti-social demeanor. Everyone (from what I gathered) in the community is cooperative with one another and contributes in one way or another. For instance on Sundays people get together, however the Radleys kept to themselves. What made them be like that? Were the Radley's ashamed of their past? Did they want to be the 'outsiders'?
    I believe that Miss. Caroline (the teacher) is also at a disadvantage within the community. She as an individual does that know the childrens background. Therefore she can not sympathize with the kids. This was shown in Chapter 3, when Miss. Caroline asked Walter if he had forgotten his lunch. Miss. Caroline offered him a quarter but he did not accept it, because he had been taught not to take something that he could not pay back.
    Boo Radley is an extremely strange individual. He is definately an outsider within the community of Maycomb. Jem and Scout say he 'dined on raw quirrels and any cats he could catch'. This shows that they see him as a monster [basically]. I think they are judging him from the rumors that they heard and also the legend. Everyone is prejudice sooner or later in their life.
    Boo Radley may be a big part of the novel coming up because they novel went into great description about his character. I honestly think Boo Radley is not a monster at all. I can see Boo having a mental disability if anything. People often jump to conclusions before they actually get to know someone. I think they children, Jem and Scout, will become friends with Boo. Do you think Boo Radley will act out and do another crazy thing?
    An outsider [to me] is someone who is not accepted in their society. This may be due to their race, religion, personality, disability and beliefs. What is an outsider to you? Do you have many outsiders in your school or neighbourhood?
    In our school emos stand out, making them inferior to others like jocks and preps. Why do they stand out? Maybe because of the way they dress, and attitude. A stereotype for them is 'not attend school' and they smoke; a "I don't care attitude". Why did they become this way? Were they not accepted?


  7. I have never been to Canada. It has not snowed here yet thank god!! That is cool how you got to go to Hawaii and Las Vegas. I live in the US and have not been there. What do you guys do in Canada for fun? we do have a travel club. It is called International Club. We are going to Australia this year and Great Britain. I am not apart of it though.

  8. Yeah i Agre with Katrina that boo will be playing a big part in the sroey soon. But then agian iv already read this book twice so i know the story pritty good.

  9. In chapter 4 the kids talk about all the superstitions they believe in. The Hotsteams and all the stories they heard about the Radley's. All kids believe what they here. I remember my uncle telling me a story and me believing it. Now I look back at that and I think I was crazy for believing him.The kids want to know what happened with Boo because they feel risky when they are trying to figure it out. When something is risky it just makes it that much more fun and exciting. It is a challenge for them too. Here kids just believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. If you see a black cat on Friday the thirteenth you will have bad luck. We know Boo is alive for sure. Boo seems like he wants to get to know the kids. I think it is he who is leaving them gifts in the tree, and sewed up Jem's pants. If he didn't like the kids he would have never done those things. I think that Harper Lee thinks edjucation is important. That is probably why she makes the main characters smart. In Maycomb it seems like a lot of kids don't pass school and are not very smart. Today kids can get special help if they are not the smartest, and still pass.

  10. Focus #1 EXTENDED...

    In Chapter 1: "When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow... He couldn't have cared less, so long as he could pass and punt" (p.3)
    I chose this quote because it shows the character Jem is. Jem is very outgoing and won't let nothing stop him. It foreshadows the way he is in later chapters. Jem is extremely curious about Boo Bradley and his curiosity drives him to do the 'unthinkable'. The unthinkable is running up to Mr. Bradley's house and touching it.
    In Chapter 2: "Had her conduct been more friendly toward me, I would have felt sorry for her. She was a pretty little thing" (p.29).
    I chose this quote because it has a lot to do with sympathy and understanding. Scout is putting herself in Miss. Caroline's shoes; she beens sorry for her teacher because she is not use to the customs of Maycomb County. However Scout is contradicting her sympathy towards her teacher because prior her teacher had treated her poorly. This is another foreshadow to the story because the town of Maycomb County treats Mr. Radley differently therefore he may not befriend anyone within the community because of their prejudgmental actions.
    In Chapter 3: "...but he'll never change his ways" (p.41).
    I believe this is an important quote because in small communities, such as Maycomb, there is always a group of individuals that will never change their ways or will not be open to change. In my town I know that many of the older generation are fixed with what they see fit, however they are not open to what the younger generation may bring forth. Hense, change is not welcomed. I believe that there will be a great change in Maycomb County and there will likely be a select few who will not like the change.

  11. Chapter 4-7

    I strongly think that Boo Radley will become great friends with Jem, Scout, and Dill, reading chapters four through seven. I think this way because he is becoming more and more involved.
    My prediction is very similar to Melissa's; Boo Radley is the one who sewed Jem's Pants. The kids will soon find out that Boo Radley is not a monster, but civil and looking for fun.
    I think chapters four through seven really show how children are and act. Jem, Scout and Dill re-enact the legend of Boo Radley- I found this quite humorous because it is just what little kids do!
    When I was smaller I would always make believe with my older sister. We were given a small, shabby playhouse with its white paint peeling off. Each day we would wonder out to the playhouse with our 'workers belt' which consisted of a hammer and a paint brush. We would sit on the roof and hammer in the imaginary nails, acting as if we were shingling the roof of the playhouse. We would also run our paintbrush alongside the playhouse; of course there was no paint on the paintbrush. Our inspiration for 'fixing' up the playhouse was the TLC show 'While You Were Out'; our favorite show. Did you ever re-enact your favorite tv show?
    I believe the kids are so consumed with Boo Radley because of their curiosity. They have never seen him out of the house, heard him talk, and are probably wondering what keeps him so busy in his house. I can relate to this obsession! In Grade four, my a group of my friends and I would bike around the town (Delisle). There was a legend of Vern. Vern lived in a shady village outside of town. He did not live in a house but a very small shed. Vern had dark curly hair which acted as a fro. He wore gigantic magnifying glasses which looked like he got them prescribed to him in the fortys. He wore filthy clothes and travelled on bike. When we were biking around town we would see him looking in trash cans and behind buildings for bottles or [possibly] children to eat. We believed that if we were to leave our bikes unattended he would steel our bike and in return leave his crooked wheel one. Without a doubt, our knees shook when we seen him! Do you have creepy homeless people in your area?
    In these chapters we learn that Boo is watching the children. This is evident when Scout was rolling in the tire and fell out. Someone in the Radley's house laughed. I believe that someone was Boo. Boo was the one who also sewed Jem's pants, put the gum and ring box in the tree. Boo is just like the kids in more ways than one; he likes to play games and he is full of mysteries.
    I agree completely with Melissa, Harper Lee thinks education is important. I also agree that some kids of Maycomb County are not well educated. Some, not meaning all though. I believe Harper meant that the poor are not as well educated as the other middle classed students, such as Scout. Today students of all society levels are being educated. Students still skip school today, but its not just because they are poor. Do you skip class often? Why, and why not?

  12. Chapter 4-7 EXTENDED

    As I read more and more into this novel, it really shows bravery and cowardice amongst the people living in Maycomb. The bravest individuals in Maycomb County are Scout, Dill and Jem.
    Scout, Dill and Jem went on a very risky adventure to Boo Radley's house. It was extremely scary because Boo Radley is a mysterious man who could possibly 'eat' them. Their adventure ended with a bullet being fired at the three. Isn't that an extreme measure to take by shooting at something that you don't even know what it is?!
    Jem seemed to extend his bravery when he returned to the Radley's fence and retrieved his 'ripped off' pants. Who do you think is the bravest amongst the three kids?
    I believe coward was loosely thrown around in these chapters at Scout. Jem and Dill often called Scout a coward when she would question what they were doing. I also believe because she was a 'girl', coward was often associated with that. What do you say when you are called a coward?

  13. Chapters 8-11 Extended

    In chapters 8 through 11 the kids deal with some hard times. It is a lot for kids to take in when people are always making fun of their dad. He is their role model. How would you feel if people made fun of your family. Since they are at such a young age, especially Scout, it is hard for her to understand. Especially when she doesn't understand half of the words people are calling Atticus. Even by chapter 11 when the name calling is getting old Jem let's it get to him. I would never have the guts to yell at an old lady like that, and ruin her flowers. There is also a tragedy in their town. Miss Maudie's house starts on fire. Scout is so scared and watching the fire that she doesn't even know that Boo Radley puts a blanket around her. Just the thought of that is scary, but it does show that he is nice and caring, not mean like the kids thought. I think it is hard for Scout to go around family, because she is used to being around boys all the time. When she is around family they blame her for not acting like a girl. They think it is always her who starts the fight. Her Aunt Alexandra is really mean. I don't think she understands what it is like to be around boys your whole life. You have no girl to go to for advice.

  14. Hey Katrina! I'm giving you all 4's. I actually like reading your responses because you have really good opinions.

  15. Chapters 8 - 11

    I agree with you, Melissa. I think Scout is judged because of the way she is dressed. I only think Scout is blamed for starting the fight because her point of view is never heard until someone actually asks her what it is. I also agree with you on your last point, Scout has no female to go to for advice.
    I know a family who had three boys and one girl. A couple years ago the mom died. The mother was the young girl's best friend, she no longer has that special relationship where she could talk to for advice.
    Harper Lee tells the story from an adult reflecting back on her childhood. Lee does this to show the perspective from what a child might see and also what an adult might see; giving two point of views. A situation in the eyes of a child may seen totally diffferent in the eyes of an adult. Kids and adults have two totally different brains and maturity levels. This novel allows us to step inside the shows of a kid, Scout and an adult, Scout in older years. To Kill a Mockingbird shows the innocence of a child but from an adults insight. Would you have changed the perspective of the book to be only from Scout as a child or adult? Why or why not?
    When I was a kid I would get extremely excited when May 11th rolled around. Why? It was my birthday and that meant I would get to open presents! Over they years, the excitement of receiving presents has faded. I now see the 'thought' behind them rather than the actual value. Do you feel the same way? Even with Christmas- the excitement of opening presents has changed since you were a child?
    As for what makes a good historical fiction... I think this novel fits in that category. It includes many social issues effecting a society that we can relate to ours. These issues are things such as: racism, prejudgement, traditional roles of a female or male, and different beliefs. This novel also also shows how people live in fear and anger when they don't understand or know somone.
    When I was younger I received Patches, my puppy. At first I was terrified of her.
    However, after I got to know her, I adored her. This shows how someone could fear someone or something until they become more framiliar.
    Have you experienced something like this? Met someone?


  16. *I have alot of Typos :s *

  17. Yeah sry i wastnt on for a while. lol Ok so jem and scout seem reary intrested in Boo radly i think the there are going to meet him in person sooner or latter and i shure that they will get along. Jeez You type alot i dont kmow what to type about lol.

  18. I agree with Joline. 4's all around.

  19. Hey guys I got to mark you. you guys did very well but you have to remember to contine the sentence. Every thing else is good thought. i will give you a 3

  20. hey,
    Diffently really good on you guys' talks with learning about one another and on Maycomb. I will give you guys 4's all around.

  21. Katrina said...
    Chapter s 13 & 14
    The antagonist in this novel is Jem, in his changing state, Helen, when Scout and Jem attend Calpurnia’s church, and ultimately Aunt Alexandra. I think Aunt Alexandra has the biggest impact on Scout because she is now the female figure in Scout’s day to day life, not including Calpurnia. Alexandra’s goal is to try to shape Scout into the Finch she is suppose to be; that includes acting ladylike.
    In these chapters many characters make Scout look at herself differently. Scout notices that Jem is persistently moody and tells Scout, “It’s time you started bein’ a girl and acting right! (p.153), referring to the way she dresses. Her Aunt also lectures Scout on the way she dresses, “…best for you to have some feminine influence. It won’t be many years, Jean Louise, before you become interested in clothes and boys-“ (p.170). What was wrong with the way Jean dressed? I think it was because she was not the ‘model-type” of a girl. People wanted to change her because she was different. Is being different that bad? Have you been in a situation where you have been different? Did people try to change you?
    I remember when I actually tried to be different. Specific times would be me dying my hair, which is typical for a girl!
    This book continues to use good work of historical fiction because it really puts us in the characters shows and what they are going through. The characters talk with a southern accent –making us talk with a southern accent as we read the novel.
    I remember reading ‘Of Mice and Men’, the novel had a strange accent very different to mine. Do you have a noticeable accent where you live? Can you tell when someone is from Canada?

  22. Katrina said...
    Chapter s 13 & 14
    The antagonist in this novel is Jem, in his changing state, Helen, when Scout and Jem attend Calpurnia’s church, and ultimately Aunt Alexandra. I think Aunt Alexandra has the biggest impact on Scout because she is now the female figure in Scout’s day to day life, not including Calpurnia. Alexandra’s goal is to try to shape Scout into the Finch she is suppose to be; that includes acting ladylike.
    In these chapters many characters make Scout look at herself differently. Scout notices that Jem is persistently moody and tells Scout, “It’s time you started bein’ a girl and acting right! (p.153), referring to the way she dresses. Her Aunt also lectures Scout on the way she dresses, “…best for you to have some feminine influence. It won’t be many years, Jean Louise, before you become interested in clothes and boys-“ (p.170). What was wrong with the way Jean dressed? I think it was because she was not the ‘model-type” of a girl. People wanted to change her because she was different. Is being different that bad? Have you been in a situation where you have been different? Did people try to change you?
    I remember when I actually tried to be different. Specific times would be me dying my hair, which is typical for a girl!
    This book continues to use good work of historical fiction because it really puts us in the characters shows and what they are going through. The characters talk with a southern accent –making us talk with a southern accent as we read the novel.
    I remember reading ‘Of Mice and Men’, the novel had a strange accent very different to mine. Do you have a noticeable accent where you live? Can you tell when someone is from Canada?

    November 9, 2009 2:56 PM

  23. Hi I'm Luke P. I also go to Central High School. I live with my mom, dad brother, and sister. I play a lot of sports too.
    I agree with the part where you said that the accents add to the book. It can really tell you a lot about the person like with Tom Robinson. Thoughout his whole court case he is very polite by saying ma'am and sir but you can still tell that his is uneducated during his case to.

  24. "Final Focus 12-13 Extended"
    I for sure think the antagonist is Aunt Alexandria. She is always trying to change Scout because she is different, and not how Aunt Alexandria thinks she should be. I agree with you that it is not bad to be different. Sometimes it is better to be different. I think Scout gets really irritated with everyone always telling her to act more like a girl. I think it will come eventually when she will realize she wants to act like a girl, but that is her choice not Aunt Alexandria's or Jem's. Aunt Alexandria expects to much from Scout. She is still thinking in the past when she was young. Times have most likely changed. I also agree with you when you say that you can really feel the characters. I can easily relate to the things they do most of the time. It is really a book about everyday people.

  25. Final Post 12-13
    So yeah i havent talked for a while sorry. In this chapter atticas goes away and Calpernia watches the children so they dont do bad things. When Calpernia whent to churc the children Jim And Scout whent with her and they thought it was weird becuase they didnt have books for the prayers. And when they where going to leave the church the reverin said tyhey must have ten dollars in all befor they can leave. Then the reverin said that Jim and Scout could come any time that they wanted to.

  26. Jem’s Coming of Age

    -‘appetite was appalling’ (p.154)
    -‘inconsistently moody’ (p.154)
    -became more ‘bossy’ towards Scout

    -Jem didn’t see Scout in the same way, “he was now allergic to my presence when in public (p.180)”-Scout

    -he was given more privileges, a later bedtime, “He was being sent to bed at my bedtime (p.184)-Scout

    -He became more mature, didn’t believe everything that was told to him, “ It ain’t a snake…It’s somebody (p.186)- when Scout claimed there was a snake under her bed

    My Coming of Age

    -I can relate to this one, although I’d like to say that I developed better leadership skills.
    -When I reached the age of fourteen I did not look at my parents in the same way. I found them more of an embarrassment than my ‘idol’.

    -I can relate to Jem, as I got older I received more privileges. In grade eight I had to start thinking about having a job.
    -I also didn’t believe everything I heard. If I did believe everything I was told, I would be called “gullible”.

    So do you think Scout will change with age? Or will Aunt Calpurnia influence her to change? What would be the greatest factor that would influence Scout to change her ways of dress and attitude?
    The mob scene in Chapter Fifteen tells us about the nature of humans and how we behave. A mob can be defined as a crowd of people. Crowds are a large number of people. People often feel more comfortable in crowds because it is a sense of security, and they feel powerful, hence ‘power in numbers’.
    When someone is associated in a mob their true individuality is not shown. By that I mean, they don’t think for themselves rather the whole mob ‘thinks as one’. When you pick apart the group, they become vulnerable just like when Scout addressed Mr. Cunningham.

    ‘Jem to Journal’
    A couple of hours ago I was scared that someone was going to hurt Atticus because of the court hearing with Tom Robinson. Atticus was staying late to guard Tom at the jail. The only thing I could picture Atticus guarding was his readings; however Atticus would protect anything that he strongly believed in, including the Tom Robinson case. Dill, Scout and I left to the Maycomb Jail without consent of Aunt Calpurnia.
    As Atticus sat reading, a car disposed disapproving men. They did not want Atticus supporting Tom Robinson who was a black man. I was sure they weren’t going to leave until they got what they wanted. However, Scout soon diverted the men’s motivations by picking on Mr. Cunningham. It showed how someone of innocence could possess so much power. Their group broke down and no longer possessed the same power; they became complete cowards.
    Atticus saw me differently tonight, and I saw him differently as well. We seemed to understand each other more than ever. My refusal to go home resembled his refusal to stop defending Tom Robinson; we would not step down for what we strongly agreed in.

  27. Focus #6
    To Kill a Mockingbird shed’s light on more than one element in the story. Perhaps it shines a light on the roles of woman in the society, strong morals and beliefs, racism, and individuality. Which one do you think is more dominant in the story? In the novel Scout definitely contradicts the roles of a woman at the time by the way she dresses and acts. Each person also had their own beliefs and morals; for instance Helen, the lady from church, didn’t agree with Calpurnia bringing Scout and Jem to their black church (this reminds me of girls joining a boy’s football team). This novel also shed’s light on racism, ‘blacks’ are looking down upon and treated as the inferior race. I believe this book also touches base on individuality which is demonstrated by Scout.
    Adventurous- Scout is always looking for a new adventure whether it is sending messages by using a fishing rod, or rolling around in a garbage can.
    Independent- A scout is a leader. Scout is definitely independent, standing up to Mr. Cunningham.
    The meaning of Atticus is “father-like”. This is a suitable name for Atticus because he resembles a strong father to Scout and Jem. He proves to be a good role model looking past issues such as race.

    I believe Jem means ‘one of a kind’ or unique. Jem is one of a kind in the novel; he is very obedient and respectful to Atticus, unlike most teenage boys.

    Bo Radley
    The name Bo makes me think of someone who is very big and strong but slow to answer. It also reminds me of the movie “Cop and a half”. Bo actually means ‘living’. This is relevant because Scout raises the question of is Boo Radley actually alive.

    Aunt Alexandra
    The meaning of Alexandra means controller of the people. This fits right in to the story because Aunt Alexandra is very controlling when she moves in with the Finchs.

    *Have you ever looked up what your name means? Do you think you were named because of what the meaning is behind it?

    I think to be an individual in the society means is someone who shares their input or their opinion without being easily persuaded by a group of others. I believe being an individual in the society is very different than being just in the society. An individual in the society does not get brainwashed about what everyone else is doing, or saying, they stand up for what they strongly believe in. The individual is a leader rather than just a follower.

    Atticus does not fit the stereotypical view of masculinity in many ways. Masculinity is stereotypically someone who possesses great strength, and is emotionally detached and perhaps uses force in threatening situations. Atticus uses knowledge as power, rather than physical strength. He also is very emotional; seeing past Tom Robinson’s race to fight for what is right. Lastly, Atticus does not use physical force in threatening situations; this is evident when the angry mob bombarded him at the jail.
    *Do you fit into the teenage stereotype?

  28. Final Post Extended Focus 5

    Jem's Coming of Age:
    "He didn't want to do anything except read and go off by himself. p. 138 - Scout

    Jem wouldn't listen to his father. p. 152

    As I got older I would just sit in my room and try to get away from my little brother. The older you get, I think the more annoyed you get with littler siblings. I do not listen to my parents as much anymore, because I feel like I know it all. I know what I get my self into.

    The Mob:
    When people don't like the way people are doing things they will gang up on that person because they are different. A lot of people do not like change. So when Atticus does his best for a black guy, of course the town will gang up on him. Atticus is doing something they do not believe in. When one person in a group of friends goes and does something bad, it is perfectly normal for all her friends to hate her and not want to be her friend. People just need to explain themselves to try to make people realize that it is really ok to be different.

  29. Final Post 14-15

    In chapters 14-15 Tom Robimson is sent to the jail so he is safe from the KKK. Atticus goes doun the the jail and sat thair to watchover tom she no one would come and kill him. But a group of guys from around town came to the jail hang tom but Atticus is their. Jem and Scout sneek out of hte house to see what Atticus was doing and theyu saw the groug of guys ther. Scout ran away from jem to see what was going on at the jail, so jem followed her and when they got their Atticus told them to go home but they didnt listen. Because scout was their The Lynching gang did'nt hang tom or beat up Atticus.

  30. I agree with you Melissa, different is ok. When someone is different people fear them because they aren't familiar or known. How do we make people realize being different is ok?
    You talk about how when someone in a group does something bad or something the rest of her group does not agree on; it’s ok for those friends to hate her. Have you experienced anything related to that?
    Do you think Mr. Robert Ewell did something bad and is scared that Maycomb County will shun him? (Maycomb County being the group that he is in)

  31. Final post 16-19

    In chapers 16-19 all of the acton goes on at the cort house. The trial is on Tom Robinson and Meiala Cunningham. Tom Robinson suposidly raped Melia Cunningham. Tom has a left hang is cripl because he got it cought in a cottin gin when he was a child.

  32. Final Post Focus 7
    In chapter 16 Aunt Alexandra thinks she knows everything. She tries to tell Atticus not to talk about niggers in front of Cal(page 156). Atticus has known Cal so much longer than Alexandra, I am pretty sure he knows what is ok to say in front of her and what is not. I feel bad for the kids. They are very scared for their dad. I think it is very nice for them to want to be at the trial , adn support him. Even if he didn't know. I don't like how Jem is always saying "O, Scout doesn't know what were talking about she is to young". He has no idea if she knows or not. She is very smart for her age. I thought Atticus defended Tom very well, and all along I was certain that Tom was going to be found not guilty. It makes me mad how their whole town is so racist. All people should be treated respectfully. Tom is a man who has gone through a lot. It makes me mad when people don't believe his side of the story.

  33. Katrina I kind of have been in an experience with my friends that ones persons thought is different from ours. I just accepted that everyone makes their own choices. I agree with you 100% that the county will find out that Mr. Ewell did something bad, and will hate him.

  34. Final Post Focus 6
    To kill a mockingbird is a sin. It reflects on other problems in the book, like what Tom did was a sin. It shows that not everyone is perfect. It tells us not to hurt people are animals that only bring us good things.
    Being an individual means to not be like others in a group. Atticus is an individual to me. He makes his own choices and doesn't believe what the others in town believe. He probably doesn't seem like a man to the people in town. They all see him as giving up on things he is really good at, such as shooting, and he just sits and reads all day long. To me he is more of a man than anyone else because he has the guts to to his best for a black guy. What do you think?

  35. Final post chapters 20-24

    IN chapters 20-22;Dill, Jem, and Scout are al at the court house watching the case on Tom Robinson who is believed to have raped M. Cuningham. When the jury goes in the the privit room they stay in the room for a long time and it is unusual for the jury to stay in the room for that long because it is a black person that is being charged for rape. Usualy the jury goes i nthe room for like five minets and then comes out but Atikus put up a good point about Tom and how he couldnt have raped her because he has a cripld right arm and her face was brused on the right side so it is imposible for tom to bruse her right eye.

    In chapers 23-24 Jem and Scouts Aunt has her tea group come over and they talk about a lot of nothing. Then they criticize scout on how she dreses like a boy and howe she acts like a boy and the people tell her to act more lady like and stop actingh like a boy.

  36. Focus – THE VERDICT IS…
    I think the Tom Robinson case is the climax in this novel. I believe this is the major turning point in the novel because Atticus clearly showed that Tom Robinson was in fact innocent. Atticus pointed out that Mayella received a left black eye; to get a left black eye a left-handed individual would have had to punch her. Tom was not left handed; he possessed a disabled left arm. Atticus then started to shift the weight on to Mr. Ewells.
    Mayella is not only picking on a black man but a disabled man at that. Were you shocked to hear that Tom’s arm was crippled?
    Despite the unrealistic probabilities that Tom was Mayella perpetrator, the verdict from the jury was that Tom Robinson was guilty of rape.
    Tom and Atticus are not the only ones affected greatly from the verdict. Jem begin to question the jury, “Then it all goes back to the jury, then. We oughta do away with juries” (p.294).
    I think the other turning points in the novel include Boo Radley covering Scout with a blanket, Miss. Alexandra moving into the Finch's household and also the death of Tom after the case.
    I really think that life changing experiences will open your eyes -like a revolution in a way. In the novel Scout and Jem saw how the court room could be very injustice. In the classroom it may be a student failing an exam. This could open their eyes to try harder next time.


  37. Final Post Focus 8
    These chapters are a very intense part of the book. First they make you think that Tom is going to be not guilty, then all of a sudden he is guilty. Mr. Ewell threatens Atticus and everyone is worried for Atticus. And at the end Tom gets shot. Tom getting shot is the turning point in the book. In the last couple chapters that is all they talked about was the trial and Tom. Now that Tom is gone what do you think will happen? They are going to have to change something and find someone new to talk about. I think in one of these chapters Boo Radley will come out. They used to talk about him, and then all of a sudden he dissappeared it seems like. Whatever happened to the kids needing to see who he was, and wanting to know why he just stays inside? What do you think?

  38. Social injustise is still around in my community today. I am around it a lot. I think it is because I live in a smaller community. I don't live in some big city were everyone is mixed. I feel bad when people are racist against other people. Because Maycomb is a small community it is very racist. Is your town racist?
    I just had a basketball game in this city near me. They were almost all black people on the other team. We are not used to that so it was very weird and hard for us, but at the same time it was hard for them. Both races were racist to each other. I don't think it should be that way because we are all the same. We are people. Have you had any situations like this?

  39. Focus #9
    I agree with you, social injustice is still relevant today even within our communities. I think it is still relevant today because people are afraid to get out of the “labyrinth”. The “labyrinth” being what everyone else is doing.
    Why do you think you are around it a lot in your small community? I think we see social injustice more in a small community because it affects everyone. Everyone has a connection to that individual in one way or another.
    My town is extremely small, consisting of about one thousand people. I can’t classify our entire town as being racist, although we do have some individuals that can be racist. In Canada, some people see aboriginals as the inferior race. It is an on-going thing.
    Do you think the basketball team you were playing were use to seeing black people rather than white? This reminds me of the movie “Remember the Titans”. It is an amazing movie which involves whites discriminating against blacks. Have you seen this movie?

    I can’t say I haven’t been in a situation like that. Some uncomfortable situations I have been in involved people telling racist jokes. The jokes are meant to be funny, although you don't know whether to laugh or not. You know it's wrong, but you still laugh anyway. Are you guilty of laughing at these jokes?

  40. Focus #10
    I think the heroic character in this novel is Atticus Finch. I think a hero is someone who risks their own life to save another. Atticus risked his social status and protection to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, making him a heroic individual. When Atticus took the Tom Robinson case the community of Maycomb was unrest. They looked at Atticus in a different way, almost a look of disrespect (‘a black man could not possibly be innocent!’). Atticus experienced some form of discrimination towards himself, “He’s nothin’ but a nigger-lover! “(p.39)-Francis. The case also sacrificed his safety; this was evident when the angry mob of men marched to the jail where Atticus was. I believe the hero in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is Atticus Finch because of his self-less actions towards Tom Robinson.
    What makes a good hero? Do you feel heroic when you stand up for something you believe in?
    I think a hero goes unnoticed in most cases because people often look for individuals wearing capes and who have super powers. Being a hero is not a fantasy, it’s a reality in today’s society; we just have to open our eyes.

  41. Hey, I'm Christina H. Im in Miss Johnson's 2nd hour.

    Focus 8

    I think one of the major turning points in the novel was when the mob came to Atticus at the jail. Jem seemed to have already sensed that Atticus was in trouble, but the kids didn't know it was this serious. It wasn't until after Scout went home that she realized the men she was talking to wanted to hurt Atticus because he was defending Tom. Jem and Scout now realize how deeply Atticus cares about his case and how dangerous it is.

  42. Christina, I agree that the mob at the jail was an important event in the novel. However, I think that the verdict of the court case is the most significant turning point. Jem is really starting to understand that life isn't fair and racism is inevitable in his town.

  43. focus #9
    These chapters are a intense part of the book. at first you dont think that Tom robinson is going to jail and that he beat it but he didnt. Then Mr. Ewell tells Atticus he wants to hurt/kill him and everyone is worried for Atticus. And at the end Tom gets shot. i 100% believe that him getting shot is the turning point in the book. In the last couple chapters that is all they talked about was the trial and Tom. now that he is dead they will have someone else to talk about. I think in one of these chapters Boo Radley will come out. They used to talk about him, and then all of a sudden he dissappeared it seems like.

  44. Chapters 24-27

    IN chapters 24-27 tom robinson was shot at the jail. Tom had 17 bullet holes in him which showed that the guard kept on shooting him even though tom wasnt going any where.

    IN school scout learns about hitler and how he killed lots of jews and her teacher dislikes it and said that prosicuation was a bad thing andd scout goes home and ask jem and attikus about prossicutin and why it was bad that hitler killed all of the jews.

    Bob ewell scares Aunt alexandra because he was folowing hellen robinson to work and thretining her and he atacked the judgis house and he did another thing that scard aunt alexandra

  45. Final Post Focus 10
    The hero in my eyes is Atticus Finch. He did so much for the town in this book. He brought his kids up well with not having a wife. He taught them good philosophies about life. Such as "Put yourself in other people's skin." That really helped Scout at the end of the book when she was able to realize what Boo had felt all these years without interacting with his community. Atticus also did his best defending a black man. I don't think anyone in Maycomb could ever do that. He is not racist at all, and doesn't let little things like Bob Ewell giving him a hard time get to him. He is a very strong man. Not necessarily physically, but mentally. I think anyone would love to be like him.


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