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Cindy, Katelyn, Ryan J. Discussion Page


  1. Hey,my name is Cindy.Im sixteen years old and in grade 11. I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer. I also enjoy snowboarding and other outside activities.

  2. Hey my name's Ryan Johnson.I'm 16(My birthday was sunday) and I am a sophomore at Westosha Central High School.I like to play soccer(competitively),play football with friends,ride my four wheelers,and play video games from time to time.I'm not the tallest guy of all my friends but i'm not the shortest either.Hope we have fun and can do a good job on this project together.

  3. Hey my name is Katie i am 15. I am a Sophomore at Westosha Central. I like to play Softball, I am competative Dairy Showman At the kenosha County fair and i also show swine. i like to work on the farm and hang out with friends.

  4. Sweet, happy belated birthday. So whats school like in the states?

  5. Maycomb is a small town where there are not that many people and every one knows each other and the characters such as Dill, Scout and Jem, so far in this book seem like they are trouble makers. I think Boo Radley probably isn't as bad as everyone says he is. Also I Don't think that mrs. Caroline and Scout are going to get along very well through the book because so far they have been having difficulty getting along.

  6. I think that the kids are obssed with Boo Radley because they don't know him and they want to know if the stories about him are true. Also Boo Radley seems like a nice guy because if that was him who sewed Jem's pants back together, that was awfuly nice of him. Also the schooling that the kids get in this story I find is a little different from schooling now because they are not aloud to read out of school and we are.

  7. Maycomb is a small town like my hometown nothing really goes on, everyone knows everyone and knows a lot about the town and the people in it. there are some differnt social standards, for instance the Radley family, they are a different group in the town. Boo Radley is a kid who has supposively killed his parents and haunts the house he lived in, so all the locals are scared of that house. Boo is a child who is unique in a way and is looking for ways to be recognized. An outsider is a person you consider different and personalities are different than your used to or like.

  8. I think the kids are so obsessed with Boo because it's a myth what happened to him so it's natural that as kids they're gonna make up stories and gossip about him.Boo could be a really nice person.Nobody ever really sees him so they wouldn't know.Also their education is different because at my elementary school we never were touched with a ruler.In fact most of us were never in trouble from what i remember.

  9. Cindy,
    Why do you think Miss Caroline didn't want Scout reading out of school?
    Do you think all teachers had the same ideas?

  10. You guys are doing pretty good overall. There are some spelling and grammar mistakes, but these could be corrected by checking your posts on Microsoft Word ahead of time. Great job with relating the book to your own lives, and with your attempts at continuing your conversations. You could have more complete answers, but otherwise a good job.


  11. (Final Post-Focus #3)
    I think Harper Lee had Scout's point of view because it's what Lee saw when she was little.Even if she could've narrarated it as herself many years later.When a younger kid narrarates the story it helps younger kids understand the story.Same thing with adults.If an adult narrarates older people will understand it more.

  12. I Agree with Ryan that if a younger child is narrating a story, younger children will understand it better. I thought that if the story was told by Boo Radely's point of view that the story would be going much different than with Scout telling the story because Boo has a much different perspective on people than Scout does. But with Scout telling the story I find it good because she is good at explaining her own thoughts and opinions.
    I think he is trying to tell his daughter that you don’t know how that person lives and what goes on in their life until you experience a day in their life. Also the speaker means that when some one has a point of view, it is when a certain person has their own opinion.

  13. Hey, i'm Carolyn. I'm posting on here a bit later due to my extreme annotating on the TKAMB book and being busy with analyzing it. I'm a sophomore at Central High School. I'm a cheerleader, therefore i'm usually very tied up with balancing homework, friends, and cheerleading. My main interests include writing as well.
    - I also agree with the point of view topic. I feel as if it was in the view of Boo Radley it would have changed the entire story. The story being wrote by Scout, it was more clear than an adult's perspective. I'll use an example, if a math teacher is teaching you something, a friend can help you understand it better because they are of your age. Scout did a great job creating the story in an incredible perspective altogether. The story being told in that way made TKAMB make way more sense. Also, I feel as if each person that reads the book has their own opinions and perspectives upon the story. I took many morals from this book as well. There are important themes mentioned in this novel that have hit me. Has anyone else experienced the same feelings? Or has thought about the way the novel has depicted things in the real world today?

  14. Final Post-Focus 4
    I believe the antagonist in the novel is a lot of things against Scout.A lot of people and things they say make her mad.She is also kind of tricked into looking at herself in different ways.Just like when Cecile made fun of her.I think this book will make me remember that if I think someone is weird or they aren't very social,I shouldn't make fun of them or make up games.We should just go on with our own lives.

  15. The characters I think would be good to choose would be Calpurnia and Francis. What characters did you guys want to do?
    I believe that the antagonist in the novel would be Aunt Alexandra because she is trying to change Scouts personality, and she is trying to work against her and change her into a lady. Aunt Alexandra is also trying to make Atticus discipline Scout and Jem because she thinks he has raised them the wrong way.
    Jem is starting to make to tell Scout to act more like a girl. For example Jem says to Scout “It’s time you started being a girl and acting right!”
    Also I find that the characters are making this book pretty good, but I think Boo should be in the story a bit more.

  16. Final Post- Focus #2
    A lot of Maycomb county id obssesed with the case of Boo Radley. Many children dont know what the whole story is they just hear rumors that get passed on and exaggereated. The Finch children and Dill have ben amazed by the stories and decide to go to the house to see if they can see Boo; but they were not successful.

  17. Final Post-Focus 5
    I think Jem is showing his coming of age in how he acts to Scout. Also,he just reads and he doesn't play Boo Radley games anymore.The mob scene shows that humans can be upset,but they can also be reasoned with.Nobody was too terribly mad at Atticus that they tried to jump and him and hurt him.Jem figured out that people don't really like Atticus for what he's doing and they want him to know it.Jem now understands he's got a father that's not like anyone else

  18. Focus 5:
    Jem’s coming of age:
    -When Jem was twelve he was inconsistent, and moody.
    -His appetite was appalling.
    -He always wants to be alone.
    -Sudden change in attitude.
    -He try’s to tell Atticus what to do.
    -He wants to protect his family.
    -He starting to read the newspaper.
    My coming of age:
    When you are becoming a teenager everyone tends to go through the same phases as Jem is. Our appetite grows, we get moody, and to go off on our own. For example we get our licences and want to always go places.

    Dear Journal,

    It was quite the night tonight, Scout, Dill and I snuck out of the house to try and find out where Atticus had gone. We wanted to find out why he left with an electric cord with a light bulb on the end of it and why he had taken the car because he never takes the car any where, he always walks. We found him down by the old jail house sitting in a chair reading the newspaper with the electric cord, with the light bulb on the end of it hanging above him. He was just sitting inside at first but than a mob of guys came and were talking to Atticus. Than Scout of coarse had to run out in the middle of everything to see Atticus, so Dill and I had to follow her. Scout started to have a conversation with Mr. Cunningham who happened to be apart of the mob. It was strange how once Scout started having a conversation with Mr. Cunningham, how all of the men didn’t look quite so angry any more.

  19. Focus 6:
    The mockingbird in this story symbolizes the peace and innocents of people and the characters in this story.

    -om Robison- He is an African American man that is getting charged with raping a girl named Mayella.
    -Scout- She is Atticus daughter and she is 8 year old girl. She is a very outgoing and opinionated little girl. Also she is very tough for her age and she is good at understanding things.
    -Atticus- He is a in his late 40’s and he is the father of Scout and Jem. He is a lawyer and he is defending Tom Robison in a case.
    -Jem- Jem is a twelve year old boy who is a brother to Scout.
    -Cal- Calpurnia is an African American woman who helps the Finchs with house work and she is a close family friend to the Finchs.
    -Dill- He is an 8 year old boy and he is friends with Scout and Jem.
    -Boo Radley- He is a man that no one really knows, he is the one every one is spreading rumours about.
    To be an individual you tend to be alone most of the time and you don’t really fit in with everyone else. An example of an individual would be “Boo Radley” because he does not socialize with any one and he is different from everyone.
    I think Atticus is masculine, but he is in his own ways. He stands up for what he believes in and he is very protective for his family. Also he finds every one as an equal.

  20. Final Post-Focus 6
    Scout-she's a young,free spirited kid,gets in trouble,still learning a lot
    Jem-he's learning a lot as he's growing up,learning how to behave in Maycomb
    Atticus-he's a very easygoing man,he cares for his kids all the time,he's very generous too because of his defending Tom Robinson
    Cal-only mother figure to Scout/Jem,teaches them what their father Atticus can't,stays home and takes care of the house.
    Being an individual in society means being yourself.It means you do things differently and other people sometimes.And Atticus doesn't completely align with that view.Atticus is a very masculine guy but in other ways.Like he can be hard when he has to.Like disciplining Scout and Jem,or shooting that dog.But he's also caring because he sits there and reads with Scout and they spend time together.

  21. Final Post-Focus 7
    In Chapter 18 the trial is continuing,and Mayella Ewell is being testified.She seems really nervous and unsure of her answers.She explains how Tom took advantage of her and beat her.Then how her daddy came home and then Tom ran off.

  22. The major turning points in the novel are:
    -When Scout started school
    -When Scout stepped in when the mob came and met up wit Atticus because this changed the men in the mobs mind about Taking action towards Atticus.
    -When Aunt Alexandra moved in with Jem, Scout, and Atticus because If she hadn’t of moved in Scout might be even more unlady like and Jem and Scout would be able to more things. For example they would be able to hang out with Walter.
    -Another turning point would be Jem growing up and becoming mature, because now that Jem is maturing he doesn’t want to be with Scout any more like he used to.
    -Also A turning point would be Dill Coming to Maycomb for the summer and coming to live with Jem, Scout and Atticus for the summer because if he wouldn’t of come some of the events in the story would have not happened.
    I think the biggest turning point in the story would be when the word got out that Atticus was representing Tom Robison in court. This would be the biggest turning point because if Atticus didn’t representing Tom in the trial, the trial would have never happened and either would have certain events that occurred in the story. For example the mob coming to meet with Atticus would have never happened.

  23. Hey I'm Luke P. from Central.Our teacher wanted to have us post in this.
    I agree how you siad that the biggest turning point in the story is the verdict of the Tom Robinson case. I think Jem really starts to realize how bad the pregidism is toward blacks is. During the case he is excited because he thinks that his father is definitatly going to win. After they sentance Tom is guilty Jem is really sad and doesn't want to talk about the trail at all. It shows that he finally realizes that he lost only because of his race and that this is happening frequntly.

  24. Final Post-Focus 8
    A couple of turning points in the novel are when Atticus defends Tom Robinson,when Scout stops that mob,and when Dill comes into their lives.They all are a big part of the story.If Atticus didn't defend Tom Robinson there wouldn't have been a mob,and people wouldn't have been mad at Atticus.Scout talks a lot of sense into those people who were in the mob.Even if she doesn't know it.And when Dill comes and visits,the kids are usually pretty happy.
    Atticus questioned:Mayella Ewell,Bob Ewell,Tom Robinson,and Sheriff Tate.All except Tom talked about Mayella's bruises and scars,but were very nervous and weren't completely sure of what they were talking about.

  25. Katie Kreye said...
    Final Post- Focus #3
    If there was another narrator for the story the story will have a completely different perspectve. Scout is telling the story fom a child point of view. Telling the story from a childs point of view and more people would rather just get the major detail than just the specific details that an adult will talk about in the book.
    Katie Kreye

  26. Final Post-Focus #4
    I believe the antagonist in the novel is Mr. Ewell because of sueing Tom Robinson for raping is daughter. Characters such as Aunt Alexandra are trying to change Scout to be more like a lady. All this time during the novel Scout has been more like a tomboy and not really doing things that a young lady would do. This novel represents as a good historical fiction because there is still the friction between the blacks and the whites, they would find any way to controdict or blame eachother.
    Katie Kreye

  27. Final Post - Focus #5
    Atticus has ben comming home late. i have ben very worried about him, when me, Dill, and Scout went to the jail to see what he was up to, we saw a mob show up in black cars. there were a lot of men from Maycomb that got out of the cars in twos and singles. We saw them talking smack to Atticus so we were trying to listen but Scout got the bright idea to go by Atticus and see what was going on but the men were still surrounding him. I went to get scout but I got yelled at By Atticus to take Scout and Dill home. but in the end well just have to see who the verdict is.
    Katie Kreye

  28. Final Post -Focus #8
    I think the turning points in the novel are...
    -When scout has her first experiance at school.
    -When the kids try to see if they can see Boo Radley. When Jem lost his pants.
    -When Aunt Alexandra moved in with Atticus, Jem, and Scout.
    -The mob in front of the jail.
    -The trial of Tom Robinson.

  29. Hello, My name is William S. Im a sophmore at Westosha Central. I'm not in this discussion group, but I'd like to contribute my thoughts.

    Focus #8 - Expand

    I think that the biggest turning point in the book is when Tom is found to be guilty. I think this is the biggest turning point because of how it connects with the "Coming of Age" theme in the book. Throughout the trial, Jem is certain that Atticus is winning because Jem is not prejudice. However, the rest of Maycomb has grown up prejudice against blacks and therefore can't see that Tom is innocent.
    These chapters also connect with the Mockingbird symbol of the book through Mr. Dolphus Raymond. Mr. Raymond is like Boo and Tom; He's done nothing wrong, yet is frowned on by the rest of Maycomb.

  30. Final Post- Focus #3
    If there was another narrator for the story the story will have a completely different perspectve. Scout is telling the story fom a child point of view. Telling the story from a childs point of view and more people would rather just get the major detail than just the specific details that an adult will talk about in the book.
    Katie Kreye

  31. Final Post - Focus #6
    To be an individual in society can be a person that is very kept to themselves and and to not really talk to anyone but still blame others. Someone like this in the book could be Mr. Ewell. Atticus has been getting older but may align with a masculine guy because he may not be doing things guys would do like hunting or even carrying a gun.
    Katie Kreye

  32. Final Post-Focus #9
    I think that social unjustice today is not common anymore. Of course there will be people today that are racist or prejuduce. In my hometown there is not people who say things about people they dont know. My town is very small so everyone knows everyone and ther is no descrimination or racism at all.

  33. Final Post-Focus #9
    Not many people anymore discriminate or are racist to blacks.They have become a regular part of society.In my hometown there wasn't anybody that said bad things about people.Everybody got along really well.
    Sometimes people are still racist and discriminate because that's what their parents taught them.So that's how they behave.
    And the reason Tom was in trouble the minute Mayella screamed was because nobody would've believed him.

  34. Final Post-Focus 10
    I think the most heroic person in the novel would be Atticus.He's always the person who gives advice and has to go through so much more than any other adult.He's the most grown up and is very relaxed.
    The relationships between blacks and whites have definitely improved.They all get along in society,and almost no places are segregated anymore.Some people still are racist but not nearly as many people as before.

  35. Focus: 9
    The quote means Atticus tried his hardest to free Tom Robinson, but he knew that he would never win the case once Mayella had said something because back than white peoples statements were always taken over black peoples.
    The second quote meant that because the way one person acts of a certain race you think that all the people of the same race act that way.
    Harper Lee’s social injustice is still relevant today because there are still people that are racist. People still tend to believe that white people are above blacks although that that’s not true. People are hypocrite because they want some one else to know a certain feeling they have but they may not want another person to know that feeling they are having.

  36. Focus:10
    I agree with Ryan, I would have to say the most heroic person in this novel would have to be Atticus as well. I think it would be Atticus because he has the same mutual feelings towards everyone and treats everyone with the same respect. He doesn’t judge any one because of the colour of their skin, gender, or how wealthy they are, he treats everyone as equal. Also Atticus stands up for what he believes in and doesn’t care what other people think.


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