Thursday, March 5, 2009

Focus #5 - The Mob in Maycomb

These chapters may be considered the calm before the storm. The trial is on the horizon and the children are becoming more aware of the turmoil in the community, and in particular, around their father.

  1. Read Chapters 14 and 15.
  2. Why is the mob scene such a crucial moment in To Kill A Mockingbird?
  3. What does Atticus teach us about moral strength and remaining grounded in your character, no matter what?
  4. What does Scout show us about the positive impact an innocent child can have in a dangerous situation?
  5. What does it mean to be an individual in society? Does society force its citizens to take unpopular, but moral, stances in order to promote change?
  6. What does it mean to "come of age"?

With your partner, discuss what you believe are the examples which show Jem's coming of age. You will need to refer back to the last section as well. Create a t-chart in which you identify examples of Jem's coming of age and compare these against your own.

In chapter 15 of To Kill a Mockingbird, what does the mob scene tell us about the nature of humans and how they behave? This event leads to a new understanding for Jem. Write a diary entry that Jem would have written later that night. It should reflect the various insights Jem now has into his father, individuality, motivations of the mob and himself.


  1. Focus 5 Continued
    Jem’s Journal
    A while ago I was frightened someone was going to hurt Atticus because of Tom Robinson’s court case. Atticus guared Tom at the jail so he stayed late. Me, Dill and Scout left to the jail without Calpurnisa permission.

  2. -he wants to be alone all the time
    -he always goes places alone.
    -he tells scout not to talk to him in school
    -he just gives signs that he is at the age where its him and only him.

    All humans have this little thing called conscience. even when the big mob was there mr cunningham couldnt go on with whatever they were going to do because scout made him feel like crap and made his boys leave. humans are very mysterious and you never know what they will do.

  3. Final Post - Focus #5
    Atticus has ben comming home late. i have ben very worried about him, when me, Dill, and Scout went to the jail to see what he was up to, we saw a mob show up in black cars. there were a lot of men from Maycomb that got out of the cars in twos and singles. We saw them talking smack to Atticus so we were trying to listen but Scout got the bright idea to go by Atticus and see what was going on but the men were still surrounding him. I went to get scout but I got yelled at By Atticus to take Scout and Dill home. but in the end well just have to see who the verdict is.
    Katie Kreye

  4. Jem is becoming of age by telling scout what to do. He never did that in the past and just started. Also he wants nothing to do with scout. He wants to hang out with boys his own age. The "gang" showed up at the jailhouse in a group. This is because when a person gets angry he gets his friends and acts bad and tough. The gang didnt do anything showing they still had some remourse.


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