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Jackson, Ryan G. Discussion Page


  1. Hello, my name is Ryan Gentz. I live in Salem, Wisconsin. I am 16 years old. I go to school at Westosha Central High School. I have 2 sisters and live with my mom, i have two pet, a dog and a cat and I'm alergic to them both. I listen to metal and rap such as: As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Winds of Plaugue (Metal bands) and ICP (Rap Group).

  2. Hey this is Jackson Kinzie. I wrote out a really nice thing before but my teacher deleted it (I'm not allowed to say ballin'). I live in Delisle, Saskatchewan and go to Delisle Composite School. I'm 16 years old, 5'9", with brown hair and blue eyes. I like playing football and hockey. My favourite foods are Mini Wheats (original) mashed potatoes, Italian food, Chinese food, grape drink, and KFC. My favourite video games are Madden, any shooting games, and helicopter game. I'm allergic to grape Tylenol B. I like snowmobiling, skiing, GTing and Obama.

  3. Heyyy!! i seen ryans name up here and i just felt like i should be in this conversation.=) but yeah Jackson, it seems like we have alot in common, such as the video game thing. What system do u play? I have a 360 and i play mostly war games such as Bad Company, Army of two, Gears one and two and also any Call Of Duty(perferably Modern Warfere). How is canada? wisconsin has been pretty crappy lately all there is is either rain or cold breezes sometimes even both. every once in a while we have a warm sunny day when we least expect it but pretty much its always dull.The kids around here dont have much to do so we find ways such as playing games or playing instruments. School is not something i prefer but it keeps you busy and out of trouble.Halloween is comming up and i cant wait for that!!CANDY!
    but yeah Ryan tell him more about urself.

  4. I have a PS3 Angel. There was snow on the ground here for 3 or 4 days but it melted, we rarely get any nice days here at this time of the year. We barely had summer this year. :(

    My impressions of Maycomb are that it's a slow paced town that doesn't have a lot of money. The people seem pretty racist and kind of wary of people who're different or do things differently than them.

    The people of Maycomb don't really seem to have the same level of respect for people who are black or don't have as good of an education as them.

    I think Boo Radley will stalk the main character, but after they get to know each other they'll marry each other and have 30 kids.

    Boo seems like a psycho to me. He likes to stab people and be creepy in general.

    Being an outsider to me means that there's something that's preventing people from wanting to get to know you or that's making them avoid you. Some people are outsiders because they don't get along very well with other people, or they just don't fit in very well.

  5. Im kinda falling behind right now with reading the book.

    What else do you want to know about me?

  6. What games you like, what sports you like if you like any, foods you like.


  7. 2)I think the children are obsessed with Boo because there's so many rumours about him and they live right next to them.


    4)I think Boo is really a nice guy who just doesn't leave the houes often. I also think he was the guy leaving the treats in the tree knot for the kids.

    5)Back then not going to school and dropping out was more common than it is today. Back then I think teachers were a lot more respected and had more power than they do today.


  8. I like war games like all the Call of Duty games, and racing games like all of the Need for Speed games. I like foods that aren't good for me like fast food. I play no sports but when i get money will buy a drum set.

  9. 1) Maycomb is just a small, poor town.

    2) Dill is a goof.

    3) I can't reall y make a prediction about Boo Radley because I read this book last year, so I already know what will happen.

    4) Boo Radley is just misunderstood.

    5) Being an outsider just means you dont fit in with any particular group of people. Some people are outsiders because they choose to be, for whatever reason they may have in doing so.

  10. I think you guys need to be making full sentances and give better answers for ex: Dill is a goof. other than that keep up the good work.

  11. It is quite decent, but could use a bit of work. Have more than just 1 word sentences. Still good work.

  12. I think the story's told from an adult's perspective because Scout might not have understand everything that was happening around her back when she was younger.

    If the book was told from someone else's point of view I think it'd be completely different. You have to try understand where the person who's telling the story is coming from and what their background is.

    I think a good work of historical fiction is something that seems like it's actually written by someone who lived the book (the speech and behavior is the same as it normally would be back when the book was written). Like instead of saying "What's up Mr. Arthur" Scout says "Hidy do, Mr. Arthur".

    I think the perspective the story is told from improves the book because you have the experiences of Scout's childhood told by an older Scout who understands what was going on and what people were thinking better.

  13. 2) When it comes time for a verdict, the guy who was present at the mob thing ended up being the guy who wanted to let the black guy go.

    3) Even though he could have just done a bad job of defending the black guy he was up late lots of nights trying to do the best job he could do.

    4) She was bothered by the way they weren't talking to her so she kept asking questions about how they were doing which helped remind them that Atticus was just trying to do his job.

    5) To be an individual in society means that you don't do what everyone else does if you think it's unfair or wrong.

    6) To come of age means that you're old enough to understand what's going on around you. It also means that you're old enough to start doing things on your own.

  14. I think a character who's beginning to change their view on life is Jem. He sees things more the way adults do the older he gets (or at least he pretends to).

    I also think Scout's aunt is beginning to become more supportive of Atticus and the children, and she isn't insulting them and trying to change them as much.

  15. 1)Atticus questions the Sheriff, Mayella Ewell, the old man Ewell, and Tom. The Sheriff testifies that he never actually saw Tom, and that a doctor was never called. Mayella says that Tom tried to rape her, and beat her and ran away. She thinks Atticus is making fun of her every time he asks her a question. Mr. Ewell says that he came when he heard Mayella screaming, and that he saw Tom running away. Atticus shows that Mr. Ewell is left handed, and that the bruises were on the left side of Mayella's face. Tom testifies that Mayella tried to force herself on him, and when he refused Mayella freaked out on him. He also shows that his left hand is crippled, making it unlikely he could rape Mayella and beat her like she said.

    2)I don't think this is true, because rich people can afford talented, expensive lawyers while lots of poorer people get public defenders who're overworked and don't have an incentive to do anything but go through the motions and get it over with.

  16. Jackson, could you expand on the individualism? Are you basically saying that to be an individual you do not conform to the norm; also, does it just have to be based upon right and wrong decisions?
    Coming of age, is there a certain age when you "Come of age"? And if so, are there multiple ages; Because once you hit 12 or so, you seem to understand alot more things than you did before, but then again you can continue to fully understand more and more things as you grow, so is there ever any point where you fully and truly come of age?

  17. 1)This quote means that even though they know that Tom Robinson never raped Mayella, they found him guilty because if they didn't they'd have to admit that Mayella wanted to sleep with a black man, and her father beat her and was trying to cover it up.

    2)The meaning of this quote is that Scout's wondering why Jem works himself up about Hitler and how he's not treating people right but turns around and does the same thing Hitler does, on a different scale, at home.

  18. 1)The two characters who are compared to a mockingbird are Tom Robinson and Mrs. I don't think they're Tom's black and Mrs.'s white, Tom's young and Mrs.'s really old. Tom's a nice guy who tries to help Mayella but gets taken advantage of, while Mrs. Dubose yells mean things at Atticus, Jem and Scout when they walk by.

    2)Scout's learned that life isn't always fair, and that someone has to take care of the disadvantaged.

    3)Things are still pretty much the same between whites and blacks down south. Black people are allowed to vote now, and technically they've got the same rights as white people, but they still have way lower wages than white people and they're still discrimated against.

  19. Hi Im Luke P. I go to central and our teacher wanted us to blog in on a few things.

    When Scout is learning about hitler their teacher, Miss Gates, talks about how bad he treated the Jews, but she doesn't relize that the same thing is happening with the blacks in Maycomb it is just not to that great extent. Blacks are still getting punished just because of their race.

  20. - Miss Maudies house starts on fire.
    - Boo secretly puts a blanket around Scout.
    - When the mob came to the jail after Atticus.
    - Jem and Scout sneak into the court room and observe the trial.

    I think the most significant turning point in the book is when Boo puts the blanket on Scout. This in particular showed me that Boo has a nice side that we haven't yet seen before. When i read that chapter I got the impression that Boo was a kind and caring person. Obviously we learn that after his actions in the last few chapters. I think this was also significant because we then knew that Jem and Atticus has both saw Boo. Jem didn't have a reason to be so curious, although at first he didn't know it was Boo.

  21. Focus 8

    Hey, I'm Cody Lane. I am in Ms. Johnson's class. I disagree with Brooke on the fact that Boo putting the blanket on Scout was the most important turning point in the story. This event was not even a turning point in the story, but it was more of a foreshadowing event in the story of Boo Radley. This event foreshadowed that Boo could turn out to be a nice guy in the end. The event that this happened at was when Miss Maudie's house caught on fire. The burning down of Miss Maudie's was a major event because Scout learned from Miss Maudie afterwards an important lesson what it meant to be brave and cheerful in the face of adversity. In this case, Maudie was still a cheerful person after losing her house and belongings. While Miss Maudie's fire and Boo putting the blanket on Scout were major events, I believe the trial of Tom Robinson was the major turning point in the novel because Scout learned her final lesson about adulthood. She learned the world was an unfair place and that not everyone is as caring and understanding as Scout thought they were. This old view was due to the fact she had lived with a virtuous father. After Tom Robinson's conviction, the story finally ended with the conclusion of Boo's story which symbolized the defeat of the evil shown at the trial by the innocence that will always exist in one form or another.

  22. I disagree with Cody about Scout learning about reality from the trial. Because even during the trial Scout refers to Tom as "just a negro." I believe that the case was the moment when Jem came to understanding about life. Scout learned most of her lesson after Boo saved her, and why he had always been left alone. She hadn't actually fully understood the case so she hadn't gotten much from it. I think the turning point was the death of Tom Robinson, though. It's when the beliefs of everybody came into view and showed who really cared and who didn't.


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