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Taylor, William, Katie Discussion Page


  1. Hey, my name's Katie Tardin. I go to Westosha Central High school, and I am in the 10th grade. Lets see here, I have brown/blonde hair, green eyes, and I'm 5'4". I'm 15 years old and the youngest in my family. I have two brothers, Eric and Adam. Eric is 21 and Adam is 18. I have no pets :( haha. I play soccer, although I hate running which is kinda funny. I like to hang out with my friends and have a good time. I'm never home haha, I'm always out doing something. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you :)

  2. Heyy there!
    My name is Taylor. I attend Delisle Composite Highschool. I am in grade 11 and I am 16 years old. I have two nick-names that I have gone by since i was probably in grade 4 and that it "Totsy" or "Tots" Dont ask why i have it:PI have curly, dark brown hair, blue eyes and i am also 5'4". I am the oldest in my family with a younger brother, Rowan who is 13. I currently work for the Delisle Coop (Gas Station around Saskatchewan) You have to understand that Delisle is a small town and basically every kid works there Haha. Everyone knows everyone and everything about each other here in town. I am very much into my sports. I play volleyball pretty much year round, fastball, soccer (which is coming to an end soon), and finally hockey. For hockey this year I am playing for the Biggar Nationals. I am a very busy girl involved in SRC, AYL basically every school activity you can be involved in! I love staying busy. I love the outdoors and everything that goes along with it. I love to go out with my friends and enjoy spending time with family.
    I am very excited to share our thoughts, likes or maybe even dislikes about our novel we are reading together.
    P.S Can't wait to hear from you again...Hey where is William?! haha.

    From Taylor.

  3. Some personal inferences that I have made about Macomb county is that is sems alot like my town. Delisle is a place where everyone knows everyone. Like in Macomb county how the Radley's are seen as outsiders; I could definately pick out a family or two in Delisle where they keep to themselves. It's so very "Small town" like. Macomb and Maycomb's people have strong views about the structure of their county and how it should be.
    Macomb's social issues revolve around gossip and word travelling fast; the truth maybe exagerated as it travels from one family to another.
    The explaining of Boo Radley's legend and how fearful Boo Radley is, may be forshadowing a significant event or encounter that will come. I have a feeling the incident might involve Scout.
    Boo is definately an outsider right of the start just because of what the children say. He is a mystery in himself and i believe Scout is very curious and wants to solve Boo as a character. Boo Radley is a scary thought to all the people of Macomb.
    An outsider is someone who has no connection or does not belong to a group. An outsider might intentionally label themselves as an outsider. A person also might not intentionally give themselves the title as an outsider; someone else might make that decision for them (As do the people of Macomb County, about Boo Radley)


  4. FOCUS #1

    I agree, Maycomb is a town where everyone knows everyone, and everything about them. I can't really connect to this because my town isn't like that. Bristol is small and I know alot of people, but there are towns that are much smaller and tight knit than here.
    The social issues that I see is that there is alot of racial discrimination. Mostly towards African Americans. (I read this book in 8th grade :P, so later on in the book there is racial discrimination).
    From what I read, I think that Boo is misunderstood. The things that people know about him are the assumptions of other people. The things that people say about Boo may not be true and he could be a really nice person. The people in Maycomb are just too afraid by the rumors to make an effort to talk to him.
    I think the way that Boo will get involved in the story will be an incident when he comes out of his house. I think that Scout and Jem will lure him out.
    To be an outsider means that you keep to yourself more than other people. An outsider is more independent and does more stuff alone. I think some people may be outsiders because, just like in Boo's case, people make assumptions about them and wont interact with them.
    So far I agree with everything you've said :)

  5. FOCUS #2

    One of the times a found a humerous tone was when Jem and Dill pushed scout down the hill while she was inside of the tire. I can connect this to my childhood because I've always wanted to do that! When I was a kid I would always try to fit inside one, but I was always too big :( Haha.
    I think that the kids are so hung up about Boo because he is a mystery. No one knows what goes on inside the Radley Place, and the kids are just itching to figure this out. I can't relate to this because I don't have a mysterious neighbor in my neighborhood. (Although I wish I did because then maybe I could have had adventures like Jem, Dill, and Scouts :P).
    There was this one myth that this burned down barn near my house was haunted. I remember when I was little me and my old friend Aly would go over there and go inside it. We were always careful not to get caught because we would get yelled at if the owner of the farm saw us. When we whent inside of it there was nothing special. It was just an old barn. That was kind of disapointing haha.
    What I have learned about Boo is that he is normal just like everyone else. The way that Ms. Maudie (was it Ms. Maudie?) was talking, seems to me that he is just a average guy, but he is misunderstood by his neighbors.
    I'm not quite sure how Harper Lee feels about education. How do you think she feels about it? However, I do know the differences of education today and the education of the children in Maycomb. In maycomb the teachers don't want the children to be reading outside of school, and in today's education teachers incourage the extra practice outside of school.

    Do you think William will post?! Haha.

  6. Too Add onto the outsiders discussion:
    I think some outsiders might be outsiders from a young age and might not know how to involve themselves? But then again some people who chose to be outsiders realize and know exacty what they are doing when they seperate themselves from the "group."

    Extended Part of Focus One:
    Chapter 1; “Macomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it.” I think this quote is very significant. Macomb as a town is “old,” with old views and a formal structure that they probably have followed for years. Everyone is so used to being in a routine they probably would get tired of it, I know I would.

    Chapter 2:…”She discovered I was literate and looked at me with more than a faint distaste.” We have discovered early on in the novel that Scout is quite the keener. She already has learned to read. The way she speaks explains how intelligent she is for her age. Maybe Scout’s smarts will get her into more trouble or better, help her later on in the story?

    What are your thoughts? What significant sentences did you get for chapter 3?


  7. Very good answers. the only thing that you could use some work on is making a few more personal connections, reflect on how the story relates to your life.

  8. This group’s blogging is very well put and discusses everything that we have read in this book so far. For self-reflecting ill give you a 4, you all discuss how you understand the book by writing your own experiences with the story. On connections to novel, self and world I see that you write clearly to what is going on in the novel and are creative with your blogs for it I give you a 4. Contribution to the learning community I give you a 4 again. This group is a very good one, I am happy to mark such hard workers.

  9. Hello Again:)
    So these three kids are so hooked on Boo Radley's "story." They will do whatever it takes to get some interaction between themselves and Boo Radley. Despite all the legends and stories that people have told them, they are persistant in getting to know Boo. This to me is an act of courage. Sometimes curiousity takes over and no matter what the consequences are you put them in the back of your mind. For all they know Boo could be a bad person but they dont really care, they want to know more and more.
    Jem and Dill I think may see Scout as the coward becaushe she is the youngest and a girl, they underestimate her.
    Who do you think is the real coward in this story? Or are there any cowards?

    PS sorry I have not posted in a while i have been home sick.


  10. I love how Scout is the one telling the story. I can deffinately relate to her views and perspectives which makes it easier for me to understand the novel. Of course if Boo had told the story it would be interesting because he is an outsider looking in at all of "this." When I say this i mean everything that is going on in the novel. If Dill or Jem would have told the story i dont think i would be enjoying it as much.
    I can relate to Scout as a character. She is kind of a tom-boy. She has strong opniions about things and is not afraid to speak what is on her mind. She has grown up with a father and a brother. Two male figures in her life has taught her to be stronger.
    It kind of reminds me of when i was close to her age.
    Countless times i can remember me being around my brother and his friends especially during hockey season. We would have team wind-ups and i would always end up playing with the guys because there were no older sisters on the team or girls playing, period. I found i fit in with the guys pretty well.
    Now back to scout and Jem. I think they have a good bond because they can play together and do everything together. Can You relate Scout? Who would you rather see telling the story?


  11. FINAL POST - FOCUS #3.
    (This isn't really my absolute final post. My teacher just wanted me to set it up this way. And my teacher also wants my class to answer the extends and just have a general discussion. Just so you know haha.)

    I agree with you. I like that Scout is telling the story. Although she is young, the way she's speaking makes it seem as if she is older. I also agree that it would be interesting if someone else narrated the story. I think it would be cool if Jem was the narrator. We would be able to see how he felt about going to Mrs, Dubose's (because he didn't like going there very much), and also all of the other events that have happened in the story.
    Out of all the three children, I can relate to Scout also. When I was younger I would always be with my brothers Eric and Adam. They treated me the same way that Dill and Jem treat Scout. They treated me that way because I am younger than them (just like Scout is). Also because I was a girl and I wasn't allowed to do certain "boy things" with them. Although, i acted like a boy also. Basically, I was a tag-a-long just like Scout.

    This doesn't have to do anything with the focus questions..but since my teacher wants us to have a general discussion..what do you think about Mrs. Dubose? Do you like her better now since Jem and Scout went over there for that month? How do you feel about her death? And what do you think about the gift she gave Jem? I though that was kind of interesting.

  12. I think that the kids are actually upset about the death of mrs. dubose. At first they did not enjoy going over to her house but then realized she was actually a sweet lady and was trying to teach them valuable lessons.

    As far as the antagonist goes I believe Aunt Alexandra is definately that. She tries to force Scout into something she is not. It reminds me of the movie Nanny McPhee. (It was one of the many movies I watched at home since I was sick :p) the aunt came to the family's home to take one of the young girls away to a reform school.I believe there was seven children and there were four girls. None of them wanted to go, they wanted to stay with their father and brothers and sisters. It just reminds me of Scouts reaction to her aunt.The aunt tries forcing Scout to wear dresses and basically change her persoinality. Do you think that the aunt is a positive influence on Scout? Do you think that this change is needed since Scout does not a have a mother figure?

    Besides the ranting and nagging of her aunt, Scout and Jem hear from the towns people and friends about their involvement with the blacks. Her father is defending a black male. The town of Macomb is aware of this and is not happy. Atticus time and time again tells his kids to be strong and to not retaliate against the harsh teasing. It is important for jem and Scout as well as Atticus to keep their composure.

    Atticus I think is in a difficult situation here. Not only is he looked down upon for supporting the black's but the aunt has wrongly accused him of raising his daughter. For example: Scout is interested in things her brother does and likes to tag along; so she gets a gun for Christmas. She is impressed. She also never wears dresses as her aunt wishes her to. Atticus has never forced her to do that in the first place.

    At this point in the novel there is alot of tension between all the characters. In views and how they look at each other.
    I dont know how clear I made myself in what I was trying to get at here.. haha. BUT i feel if we can discuss more what were getting out of the book instead of just answering questions we might strike up better discussions?

    ~Do you think Atticus and the kids have alot of pressure on them right now because of their aunt, or society? If so, how?



    I think that the protagonist in the book would have to be Calpurnia. There are other protagonists of course but I think that Cal is a protagonist because she is like a mother figure for them, and she is really caring. She looks out for the kids and teaches them respect and manners.
    I think that the antogonist in this book would have to be Francis. He is deff one because he does anything he can do to push Scout off the edge. He will do anything to get her fired up and make her fight. If I was Scout I would totally do the same thing she did and punch him in the face haha.

    The two characters that I chose were Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandria.
    -Calpurnia is the cook for the Finches and she is a colored woman. She is very wise and is educated which is rare for colored people in that time period. She is the mother figure for Jem and Scout since their mother died. A moment when she brought out a reaction in Scout is when Scout and Jem went to church with Cal, and Scout heard Cal speak improper. This make Scout have a strong reaction. Scout was curious as to why Cal was talking like this. Cal helps Scout learn about herself because she teaches her manners and respect.
    -Aunt Alexandria is Jem and Scout's aunt and is Atticus' sister. She doesn't know really anything about girls because she has never had a daughter. She ususally nagging Scout about not being feminine and that she needs to wear dresses and skirts more often and that basically she is boy-ish. I think the times she gets a reaction out of Scout is when she criticizes her about her appearance. As of this point in the book I can't really tell how she helps Scout learn about herself.

    ~I deffinatly think that Atticus and the kids have alot of pressure from society and their aunt. They get pressure from the society because Atticus is defending a black man so people in society have many opinions about this. I think that they get alot of pressure from their aunt because she wants to have the kids live up to their name and to not embarass it.

  14. Focus 5 & 6
    I think Atticus is a good father, even at this rough time in his and his children’s life. Atticus strengths fall into the categories of teaching his children to be strong as a person. Remaining grounded is keeping composure. Atticus does a good job of passing along this vital information to his kids.

    What does it mean to “come of age?”
    It is a time of life when a person becomes “qualified.” They are able to discuss and assume certain civil and personal rights and responsibilities. It is when you reach a stage of maturity, understanding and the ability to analyze situations and act accordingly.
    How does Jem show that he is now at that stage in his life?
    Some evidence that is shown clearly in the earlier chapters is how Jem will now refuse to play games with Scout and act in the same immature way. He has now reached the stage of adolescence and he enjoys being by himself. And I believe he falls in some if not all the criteria of what coming of age is.
    How else do you notice that Jem has now come of age?
    What do you think it means to be an individual in society?
    I personally think it means to be an individual in society by giving back to your community. Individual has views, opinions and beliefs. Being an individual active in society is a two way street. A society develops an individual while strong individuals can help in the building of a strong society.
    What are your thoughts on being an individual in society? What does it mean to you?


    A mockingbird is a central symbol in the novel because a mocking bird is something very innocent. The title “To Kill a Mockingbird” means destruction of something innocent. You see this throughout the many of the chapters. For example, Boo Radley is someone innocent; the misunderstandings about him and his past. Boo I feel was destructed by his father. His father was obsessed with sin and retribution. Retribution meaning he retaliates especially towards evil.
    Another example is how Scout is looked down upon by her aunt. Scout is so innocent not even a teenager yet. She does not know any better.
    There are many examples in the book of how the title creates a central symbol. Atticus tells his children to never kill a mockingbird because they do nothing wrong. This is much like Tom Robinson’s case. He is wrongly accused for something he did not do. This one stands out to me the most.
    What other examples can you think of where a mockingbird comes into play as a central symbol?

  16. Hey it's William. I have been gone a lot form school and had to catch up on all the reading that i missed. Anyways, my name is William obviously, but everyone calls me Buddy, I go to Westosha Central High School, and i am in 10th grade. I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and i am 5'11". I am big into sports and try out for usually any sport that i can. I only have one sister, Chelsea, that I am very close to and she is 18 years old.

  17. FOCUS #1
    I agree, it seems like everyone in Maycomb kniows everyone and if soemthing happens everyone knows about it. In Slades Corners where I live it's just like that, only there is about 20 people in my town. I know everyone in my town adn a little about each of them. In Maycomb there is a lot of racism towards African Americans.
    I don't believe most of the things that Jem and Scout say about Boo Radley. Most of the things that Jem and Scout say are just rumors. I think that during the story, something is going to happen that will prove to Jem, Scout, and Dill that Boo Radley is actually an ok person.
    Boo Radley is obviously shy or afriad of what people think and say about him and that is why no one ever sees him. Hopfully Jem and Scout will find a way to meet him.
    An outsider is someone just like Boo. They don't really communicate with others very well and kind of keep to themselves just like Boo does.

  18. FINAL FOCUS #2

    I agree with you, Katie, I thought it was very Humorous when Dill Pushed Scout down the hill in the tire. When I was About 6, my sister and I would always go over to our grandparents house and one time my sister pushed me down a hill in a cart that my grandpa and I had made. I got mad at her though becuase she didn't tell me that she was going to do that but thats ok.
    I think the kids are so comsumed with him because he is a mystery and kids are very curious and they just want to know more about him. Right across the street from me is a kind of spooky looking building where an old lady lived. She never really went outside or talked to me, kind of like Boo Radley. Every once in a while she would be outside and we would always try and talk to her but she would jsut smile at us and go back inside so i kind of can relate to how the kids feel.
    I do not know of any myths in my town, but the town just west of mine there supposedly is a Werewolf living in it that was spotted on Brae Road, but i dont believe that.
    Ms. Maudie was talking about how Boo Radley was possibly the nicest boy she had ever met, so I would have to say that I learned that Boo is actually a nice person.
    I think that Lee thinks school is important and can sometimes be confusing and she shows that though Scout becuase scout is smart but goes though some challenges at school as well. I think education is very important, especally now-a-days. Education is different now than back when the story is based becuase if someone only went to school for 1 day like the Ewells do, they would get into some trouble.

  19. Hi Buddy,

    Thats too bad that you missed all that school.

    Focus 7 is the one I am working on right now. It is kind oif a free for all so if you have questions about the novel Katie and I will gladly help.

    I just finished reading chapter 18 and its the first hearing/ trial (not too sure what it's called) but anyways. Atticus begins to interigate Mayella in front of the people and the jury. Her whole story seems very fishy. Atticus point out that Tom is somewhat dissabeled.Her story and Toms physical description did not seem to add up.

    just some thoughts from that chapter.



    I agree with both of you. Scout definitely gives the best viewpoint of everything that goes on in this novel. She is very intelligent for her age I think that makes the novel more exciting and easier to read. I would have liked to know exactly how Jem was feeling about Mrs. Dubose constantly tormenting them about their father and how Scout acted.
    I can definately relate to Scout becuase when I was little my sister was my best friend and we would do everything together. Whenever she would go somewhere without me or sleep over at someones house, I would have nothing to do and would just wait for her to come home.
    TO answer your quesitons, Katie, i would have to say that Mrs. Dubose is an old fahsion lady because she is always on Scout about how she isn't lady like at all, and also i think that Scout and Jem don't fully understand why she is so mean all the time and that she isn't trying to act that way.
    I don't know if i like her anymore at all then before, but i think Jem reading to her for that month definately made her days a lot easier and less painfull which is good. I think that she died the way she wanted to die because she was able to pass away free of her drug addiction and that is all that she wanted.
    I think that the gift the Jem recieves is an example of Mrs. Dubose showing Jem that she is free now and that if he haden't done what he had done, it would have been alot harder for her to kick her addiction.


    I agree with you, Taylor, I think that Aunt Alexandra is the antagonist in this story becuase she is always trying to make Scout change and not be herself.

    I thought the same thing as you , Katie, I think that Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra made Scout think in a profound way and Cal does so when she brought Jem and Scout to The church that she goes to and starts to talk like everyone there which taught Scout how to be more respectful to others. Cal states that it is not ladylike to tell everything you know and that folks don't like to have somebody around knowing more than they do. Aunt Alexandra tries to make Scout more ladylike and I think she is so concerned about Scout because she is worried that Scout is going to ruin the family name.
    I also think the whole family is under pressure because of the Tom Robinson case. Not just Atticus, Scout, and Jem are under pressure but Aunt Alexandra and her part of the family are as well.


    I think it is very obvious that Jem is growing up. Scout states that Jem's appetite was appalling because he began to eat a lot more than he usually did. Also Jem starts to become more independent and spending less time with Scout. Atticus notices this and knows he is growing up and decides to give him a later bedtime than Scout has.

    The mob in this story really shows how racism was back them and how hard it was for blacks and how unfairly they were treated. It shows how cruel humans can be to eachother.

    Jem's journal entry-
    I knew something was up when Atticus wouldn't let me go with him. I decided it was best to find out for myself so I grabbed Scout and Dill and we went looking for him. WE found him sitting infront of the jail, reading the paper unsuprisingly. Out of nowhere some cars approached and stopped at the jail with Atticus appairently expecting them. Slowly the men got out of the cars. I wanted to wait it out, but Scout had her own plans and bolted towards Atticus and I couldn't do anything about it. I knew that these men wanted something but I wasn't sure what it was. Atticus suddenly was trying to force me to go home but I knew something was wrong and wouldn't have any of what he was saying. Thankfully Scout, being the friendly person that she is, started talking to Mr. Cunningham, and i'm not sure what it was about what she said but it had a major influence on the men and Mr. Cunningham had changed his mind about hurting Atticus.
    After that, Atticus and I saw eachother differently and understood eachother alot better beacuse niether of us would give up on what we thought was right.

    I hope the both of you enjoy my diary entry about Jem.


    I think that the mob scene is such a crucial part in the book because it shows that everyone is human and that although the men are in the mob, they are still people and they still have feelings.
    Scout shows us about the positive impact an innocent child can have in a dangerous situation by jumping into the middle of the group and not backing down. She knows this mob is dangerous looking, but she doesn't know what they do. She is just trying to make the situation better by jumping in.
    I think to be an individual in society means that you stand out and have different views than most of the other people in society. I think society DOES force its citizens to take unpopular, but moral, stances in order to promote change because without these "unpopular" stances everyone will stick to the same "safe" beiliefs that there has always been. To make change, someone has to stand up and have a different point of view.
    I think to "come of age" means when you grow up and finally realize what's really happening.

    Atticus left the house, which was very peculiar. I went to follow him, and of course, Scout and Dill had to follow along after me. Scout and I saw a mob of men surrounding Atticus by the county jail. I told Scout not to say nothin' but she did anyways and jummped in the middle of that mob. I'm glad Scout did though, because Atticus said it saved him from a dangerous situation.

  24. FINAL POST - FOCUS # 6

    The Mockingbird is the central symbol of the story because a Mockingbird is a bird that doesn't do anything bad to anyone, and all it does is make music for people.
    I think this symbol relates to Tom Robinson in the trial. He said he didn't do anything bad to Myella, and that all he did was work for her for free. To me he seems like a Mockingbird because Mockingbirds don't do anything bad, and he didn't do anything bad. All he was trying to do was help her out.

    The adult character that changes their views is Mr. Tate. He changes his views by saying the first time that Mayella get hit in the left eye, but then when Atticus say's, "Was it her left facing you or her left looking the same way you were?" Mr. Tate said, "Oh yes, that'd make it her right. It was her right eye, Mr. Finch. I remember now, she was bunged up on that side of her face...." This is when he changes his views.
    A child that changes their views is Mayella. At first when Atticus asks how Tom attacked her she say's things such as he knocked her down, choked her, took advantage of her, etc..but when Atticus makes Tom stand up, and everyone see that he is crippled, he asks Mayella again, "how could he take advantage of her?" and she says she doesn't know and starts to cry.

  26. Hi, my name is William S. I'm a sophomore at Central High School as well. I'm not in this discussion group but I'd like to contribute my thoughts.

    I agree with you that Aunt Alexndra is an antagonist because she is racist toward Calpurnia and tries to make Scout act like a lady. However, I feel that Aunt Alexandra isn't the only antagonist, I think the antagonist is society as a whole. Throughout the book the citizens of Maycomb are shown as being prejudice, racist, and judgemental.

    Some examples of prejudice include when:
    ...Miss Stephanie claims that Boo stabbed his Mr. Radley with scissors.
    ...People assuming the Mr. Raymond is a drunk because he married a black woman.
    ...Tom Robinson was most likely innocent, but was "proven" guilty because he was black.


    The main symbol in this book is definatly the mockingbird. The mockingbird doesn't harm anyone or anything and Lee shows that through Tom Robinson who I do not believe committed the crime he was convicted of. I believe that he was just trying to help Mayella like he had several times before.
    Do you think that Tom actually did rape Mayella?


    I agree with you, Kaite, the adult that changed his view is Mr. Tate when he is talking about Mayella being beaten mostly on the right side of her face.
    I also think that Mayella starts to change her views as well. At first she accuses Tom of being the one who beat her, but after Atticus quesitoned her, she seemed unsure about what happened and who did it. It definatly has me convinced that it was actually Mr. Ewell who beat her. After finding out that Tom Rombinson is crippled and Mayella not being exact on what happened there is no evidense that Tom could have possibly done anything.

  29. I totally agree with you Taylor. I think that what Tom said happened was exactly what had happened. I think the jury knew that Tom didn't do anything, but they just didn't have the courage to do what was right because he is a black man going against a white man.


    There are a couple major turning points in this novel. A big one is definatly when Atticus is given the Tom Robinson case. As soon as that happens the book turns its focus from Boo Radley to Tom Robinson for a while. The kids are definatly affected by this in the "gang" scene and during the trial. another major turning point is when Tom Rombinson is killed. That totally took me by suprise. Also, i don't really believe the story about how he was killed, it just seemed kind of cheesey. I think this is a major change because now Atticus has to stop trying to get him out of jail and worry about how he is going to tell Tom's family what has happened.
    Do you thin that Atticus is going to have a mental breakdown because of everything that has happened?



    The witnesses that Atticus questions are Mr. Heck Tate, Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewell, and Tom Robinson.
    The key information that Heck Tate gives is that Bob Ewell fetched him and said that some black man raped his girl, that she was pretty well beat up on the face, and that Mayella said that Tom was the one who raped her. He also said that she got hit in the right eye.
    The key information that Bob Ewell gives is that Mayella was screaming so he ran to the fence and saw Tom ruttting on her, ran inside the house, ran to get Mr. Heck Tate, but with all this running never ran to get a doctor. He also wrote on a piece of paper to show that he was left handed.
    The key information that Mayella gives is that she asked tom to come over and bust up an old chiffarobe she had. She said she went in to get a nickle for him but went she went inside, he ran up behind her and grabber her and started to beat on her. She also said that he hit her on the face, but she was reluctant to answer and she started to get all upset and cry.
    The key information that Tom gives is that he went over to Mayellas to bust up a chiffarobe for her, but when he went inside she jumped on him and hugged him. He said that she also kissed him and said that she never kissed a grown man before. He also said that he did not rape Mayella.
    I believe everything that Tom said. He clearly couldn't have done anything to Mayella because he is crippled and only has one good hand. He seems to me like a perfect gentleman and wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone. All he wanted to do was help Mayella because he felt sorry for her.
    I think that the major turning point is when Tom is announced guilty. The kids kind of get a reality check and see that things arn't very fair. They know that truth and that Tom shouldn't be guilty.


    The meaning to Atticus' quote is that he had all the evidence that Tom was a free man, but everyone knew that this case was pretty much pointless. Everyone knew that when it came down to the fact that it was a white mans word against a black mans word...the white man would win.
    Im not quite sure what the meaning to Scouts quote is, but my best guess is that she's saying that how can you hate Hitler when there's people here that are just as bad.


    Harper Lees theme of social injustice is still relevant today because there are many times when one person wont take the word of another person because they are different. Or one person wont talk to another person because they are different. As much as anyone tries to change it, this will always happen. Harper Lee's theme will always be relevant.

    I think that people are hypocrits because they want to think that the way they act isn't wrong, but if it is someone else that is doing it, it can be very wrong. People don't think before they critize someone.

  33. When someone is a hypocrit it is all about them fitting in and not being their own individual with their own morals abd beliefs.
    Focus 9) the quote about Tom Robinson being a dead man from the start is the truth and only the truth. At this certain time in our history a black man is seen far more inferior to the white. People at this time would not think twice about fairly convicting Tom. It is an unfortunate case of racism and how severe the results can be if someone does not speak up about it, as Atticus did in defending him. I
    Hypocrisy may seem as something that does not exist but truthfully speaking it happens everyday. It is under the radar. Explaining to people how you like one thing but when you actually look at yourself at the end of the day you think or feel something different. Your views change and are influenced by people at that one moment, when someone tells that racist joke or bullies that one person and you are the bystander. How about you’re a child who has two parents that smoke; every day they constantly nag you to never take up smoking even though they do it and they know it’s bad? It can be something as simple as that.


  34. Focus 10) I can point out two characters in this novel who can be compared to a mockingbird. These two characters are Scout and Tom Robinson.
    A mockingbird holds an innocent trait that Scout possesses. At the beginning of the novel Scout has this innocence of not knowing the world yet. She is very naïve and has not experienced the things that a much more mature and older adult would. A mockingbird is also born with innocence such as a child. By the end of the novel I feel that Scout has lost all her innocence due the exposure of the trial, and everything that her family has gone through.
    A good example of this is how children are affected the media at a young age. In your early childhood years when you do not know much you are easily persuaded by the media and propaganda whether it is a good or bad influence. It is like a young child exposed to anything at a young age; it is almost sure that they will continue that bad or good habit as they get older.

    What did you get out of the book? What did you learn?

    I learned that taking the information from the book you can apply it it everyday life. There is alot of symbolism in this novel.

    What do you think the definition of a hero is?
    Real heroism is when someone posseses the ability to be their own individual and not care about having the title of a hero but to know for themselves that they have done something good and that it will benefit society. I feel Atticus is the main hero in the novel.


    Social injustice occurs in every town and everyone has been involved in it in some way. Now-a-days there's a lot of little things that happen like people telling racist jokes and snickering about other races which I don't believe is right.
    Hypocracy happens a lot in schools, expecally if that school has many different kinds of groups in it. Kids will agree with people in a group just to fit in with them, but when thet are around others that they know don't agree with what they had said, they will completly change their minds. I will admit, I have done this before and it really puts people in a awkward possition and makes you feel like you're not really yourself anymore. I wish things would change and this wouldn't happen anymore, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.



    I think two characters that can be compared to a mockingbird are Tom Robinson and Boo Radley. I think Tom is like a mockingbird because he never did anything bad to anyone. All he did was help Mayella with the work that she needed to get done. He didn't except any money from her and in return he got accused of raping her. I think Boo is like a mockingbird because he never leaves his house and doesn't cause any harm to anyone. He also saved Jem and Scouts lives.
    I think Scout has learned to be more mature. I also think that she has learned more about reality and that things arn't always perfect or fair.
    The novel shows us that back then there was alot of racial discrimination. Whites hated blacks, but the blacks minded their own buisness. Of course now things have changed. There still is VERY little discrimination, but over all there isn't any.


    I think that there are many heroes in this book, but in the end, I believe that Boo Radley is the biggest hero in the book. He did exactly what heroes do. Boo went out of his way to help these chlidren that he has never met, beat up the bad guy, and did all he could to make sure that whoever he just saved got to where they needed to go by bringing Jem back to Atticus. If Boo didn't do what he did, then Jem and Scout could have easily been killed. After being locked up in his home for that many years and then going outside and saving someone is definatly being a hero in my book.
    I agree with you, You can definatly use the information in this book in everyday life to your advantage.


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