Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogging Rules and Ettiquette

Blogging is a public activity. Anything that is posted on the Internet remains on the Web. Deleting a post simply removes it from the blog it was posted to. Therefore, speech that is inappropriate for class is also not appropriate for the blog.

The following is an outline of general rules for posting on the blog. It is advised that classes discuss the list and edit and add criteria if necessary.
  1. Blog posts should be academic and devoid of the use of chat language and mechanical and grammatical errors.
  2. Student safety should always be at the forefront of concern – blog posts should not contain student pictures, last names, personal information, or the name and location of participating schools. The Canada Safety Council ( recommends several rules for students who use the Internet to follow.
  3. A blog is a discussion forum. Opinions may differ and the posts may politely state an alternative perspective while refraining from personal criticism.
  4. Blog posts should involve original thought, but connect to previous knowledge, the novel, and other resources. Sources should be documented through proper citation and hyperlinks. Requests for copyrighted material must be made and received prior to inclusion on the post.
  5. Blog posts should enhance the discussion and remain in the context of the discussion. It is place to discuss the novel – connections, insights, understandings, perspectives, and questions.

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